Nuclear Family and Extended Family Paragraph for HSC

The paragraph nuclear family and extended family is a textbook-based paragraph for the HSC students. So, the nuclear family and extended family paragraph is a tremendously important writing content for the HSC examinees.

The paragraph is about our social and family context. As a result, to depict the real scenario of our existing family structure the students have to be familiar with the reality of nuclear family and extended family.

The author of this paragraph has tried to focus main points of the nuclear and extended families using easy language highlighting the merits and demerits of both family structures.

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(Paragraph-1): Nuclear Family and Extended Family

To define in simple language and for easy understanding we can say that the nuclear family is a small family and the extended family is large. Small family means father, mother, and their one or two kids. On the contrary, an extended family consists of a grandfather, grandmother, parents, uncle, aunt, sibling, cousin, etc.

From time immemorial, extended family has been the tradition in Bangladesh. However, with the advent of urbanization and industrialization, people started moving towards a new place leaving their extended family in search of jobs. This migration is the root cause of forming a nuclear family.

At present nuclear family is a popular structure of family across the world. This form of family is widely seen in the city areas. A couple living in a flat with their children is an example of a nuclear family.

Advantages and disadvantages of a nuclear family

Advantages of a nuclear family: The good side of a nuclear family is the parents can take care of their children well. They can closely monitor the studies of their kids. Earning and spending in a planned way is very important for a family. A nuclear family can make an effective family budget. The family can emphasize the priority of their spending such as education.

The members of a nuclear family can maintain privacy well which is tremendously important to uphold self-dignity. The spouses can make different types of plans for the welfare of the family and can materialize the plans easily. It is easy for a nuclear family to go on tour for recreation.

The parents can spend their money on their kids wherever necessary. They can fulfill the demands of their children. A nuclear family can ensure hygiene, recreation, medical treatment, education, nutritious food, good clothes, etc. for the members of the family as needed and in a planned way. As it is a small family, a nuclear family is well-planned and disciplined in implementing each action plan. The bonding of love, emotion, and empathy is strong in a nuclear family.

Disadvantages of a nuclear family: Members of a nuclear family are deprived of mixing with people other than their small family. As a result, in most cases they become introverts. They do not feel comfortable to exchange views with the people outside their family. The ultimate result is they cannot develop their socialization and interpersonal skills at the desired level.

Moreover, sometimes the members of a nuclear family feel lonely and cannot exchange their feelings with others. As a result, they suffer from depression.

Advantages and disadvantages of an extended family

Advantages of an extended family: Socialization is the quality and competence to interact with people in society and to cope with real-life challenges existing in society. The members of an extended family get a favorable environment to be an efficient member of the society. They also get ample opportunity to develop interpersonal skills as they live in a large family. Generally, the children of an extended family become extroverts.

In a large family, the children learn to work as a team member from their childhood. Teamwork flourishes their creativity and skill to accomplish difficult jobs with courage and self-confidence in their future lives.

Disadvantages of an extended family: An extended family is crowded with many members. More people mean more mouths to feed, and more clothes to wear. Therefore, an extended family is more expensive than a nuclear family. The children may not get equal treatment from their elders. As a result, they may suffer from an inferiority complex which is harmful for a child to grow properly.

Noise pollution is a common phenomenon in an extended family. So, the students of a large family cannot sleep and concentrate on their studies properly.

Conclusion: To conclude the discussion of nuclear and extended family we should say that both types of families have many merits and demerits. That is why some people love the nuclear family and others love the extended family.

(Paragraph-2): Nuclear Family and Extended Family

Family is the fundamental and primary unit of human society. The family members are the people who are genetically associated. There have been different classifications of families but the most popular are the nuclear and the extended family.

At present, the most common family structure is the nuclear family across the entire world. This kind of family is comprised of parents along with their children. Such types of families have become popular and came into existence in the last couple of decades after the Industrial Revolution.

Here in the nuclear family, the duty of providing a kid’s basic needs fully depends on the parents. These kids are usually distant from their relatives and completely depend on their parents for emotional support and financial needs.

On the contrary, an extended family headed by the grandparents includes parents, uncles, aunts, siblings, cousins, and other relatives with whom they maintain close relationships. In such families, the upbringing of the children is much easier for the parents with the additional help the parents receive from the other members of the family.

Besides, kids form a good bond with their kith and kin which aids in building skills of social intelligence, better adaptability, and learning from different ranges of people. They usually involve themselves in different activities like weekend plans, picnics, road trips, indoor and outdoor games, etc. These marvelous activities bring everyone closer.

While on contrast, parents in a nuclear family find it difficult to take part in so many activities. However, the parents of a nuclear family also spend some sweet and memorable time with their children such as having dinner at a restaurant, hanging out at a beautiful place, etc.

Parents in a nuclear family can make decisions themselves in bringing up their children without interference. The members of a nuclear family can enjoy freedom and maintain privacy for instance every individual can have a separate room. But in an extended family normally three to four people share one room. So, the members of the extended family have to struggle to maintain privacy.

Both the family system has so many good sides. So, we cannot differentiate between nuclear and extended family only by highlighting some points. For some people nuclear family is best on the other hand some people feel comfortable living with an extended family.

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