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Writing a newspaper report on an earthquake is an important writing topic for students. So, students should practice writing a report on earthquake to get good marks in their exams. More practice will help the students write a report with zero grammatical and spelling mistakes.

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(Report-1): Earthquake jolts Dhaka and its adjoining areas

Daily Star Desk Report, December 02, 2023: A tremor jostled Dhaka and its surroundings at around 9.30 AM on Saturday.

On the Richter scale, the measurement of the quake was 5.6 magnitude. According to the Bangladesh Meteorological Department, the tremor lasted a few seconds.

People of Dhaka and other parts of Bangladesh felt moderate to light shake of the earthquake. People became panicked at the incident of the sudden quake.

Many panic-stricken people came out of their residences and offices in a hurry. A Dhaka University student was injured a bit when he jumped from the second floor of his residential hall out of earthquake fear.

No casualties were reported till writing this report. At least seven tremors were felt with this latest one in Dhaka and across the country this year. The epicenters were near Dhaka in most of the earthquakes.

The epicenter of Saturday’s 5.6 magnitude tremor was located in Ramganj Upazilla of Lakshmipur District some 90 kilometers away from Dhaka.

The people of Comilla and Noakhali felt the strong tremors of the earthquake. Cracks appeared in some buildings of this region. However, those were not serious.

Besides, the United States Geological Survey disclosed that the magnitude of the earthquake was 5.5. The quake originated at a depth of 10 kilometers in earth and the exact location was 8 km ease-northeast of Ramganj-Lakshmipur.

But the Android Earthquake Alert System notified that the magnitude of the tremor was 5.2 which is different than USGS.

In Dhaka the intensity of the earthquake was light but in Lakshmipur the intensity of the tremor was medium. The residents of this district experienced a fearful shake of the earthquake. They instantly came out in open space.

The Lakshmipur district authority launched a hotline for the citizens of the district to seek emergency help if necessary. However, nobody sought help till writing this report. The DC said to the reporters, “We are collecting information about the damages of the quake.”

The earthquake experts say that the geographical location of Bangladesh is in a zone of quake-prone. The movement of the Indian plate and the Burmese plate results in frequent tremors in Bangladesh.

(Report-2): An earthquake of 5.4 magnitude shakes Northeastern Bangladesh

An earthquake of 5.4 magnitude shakes Northeastern Bangladesh

The Daily Sun Desk Report, November 11, 2018: An earthquake jolted the Northeastern part of Bangladesh including Sylhet yesterday on Saturday. On the Richter Scale, the tremor was 5.4 magnitude.

The India-Myanmar border area was the epicenter of the moderate quake. The epicenter of the earthquake was about 300 kilometers away from Dhaka. Bangladesh Meteorological Department disclosed the data of the quake through a bulletin on Sunday.

Our Sylhet correspondent said that people came out in streets and other open places from their houses in fear of the earthquake. But most of the people did not feel the shake of the quake as it took place at midnight when they were sleeping.

Our district reporter could not ensure casualties of lives and loss of properties till publishing the report.

(Report-3): A devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria: 5000 killed, 50000 injured

A devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria: 5000 killed, 50000 injured

Star International Desk, Mon Feb 6, 2023: An unprecedented and catastrophic earthquake hit Turkey and Syria on Monday killing more than 5000 people and destroying thousands of buildings.

It is feared that the death toll and the number of injured may rise over time. Both the Syrian and Turkey governments sought international help for rescue operations. They also urged the international community to come forward for medical treatments for the injured quake-affected people.

The people of the earthquake-affected areas were sleeping amid cold weather when the 7.8 magnitude quake struck. The freezing temperature is hampering the emergency rescue efforts.

Thousands of multi-storey buildings turned into debris. The buildings were full of children, women, and men.

The Syrian National Earthquake Center apprised that the country experienced the biggest earthquake in history.

Several aftershocks followed the quake. Among them, the strongest one was 7.5 magnitude which shook the region again amid the rescue operation on Monday.

Thousands of rescue workers and volunteers from dozens of countries joined the rescue effort risking their lives despite the hostile weather and situation.

In some cases, they cannot use machines to remove the rubble of the buildings for fear of children, women, and men who are still alive under the remnants of collapsed buildings. They are clearing the debris using bare hands in search of living people. As a result, the rescue operation has become one of the hardest rescue efforts in recent times.

A quake survivor in Syria said to the reporters, “When the shaking began, my family members were sleeping. The walls collapsed over us.” The rescuers were trying hard to save the life of the family members from under the wreckage.

The suffering of the quake survivors worsened because the power supply was disconnected due to the massive devastation of the electric infrastructure of a wide range of earthquake-hit areas.

The government officials disconnected the gas connection and electric wire to avert any untoward incident. Military personnel were deployed to ensure security and speed up rescue activities.

The survivors were waiting eagerly for water, food, and medicine.

Till writing this report more updates are coming. Readers are requested to keep an eye on the next report for the latest update.

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