Report Writing on Annual Sports Day

Writing a report on the annual sports day of a school, college or university is a common and important writing topic for college students. Sometimes employers let job seekers write a newspaper report to check their writing skills.

So, all irrespective of whether students or job seekers need to learn how to write a newspaper report.

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(Report-1): Uttara High School Celebrates Annual Sports Day

Daily Star Sports Reporter: The festival of the annual sports day and the annual prize-giving ceremony of Uttara High School were held at the school playground yesterday, January 25, 2023.

The students, the Girls Guide, and Boys Scouts members demonstrated a smart marchpast. After the marchpast, there was a mesmerizing display of boys and girls separately. Everyone enjoyed and praised the magnificent display of the students. The master craftsman behind this extraordinary display is the sports teacher of the school. He is a retired soldier from the Bangladesh Army.

The sports items were attractive and amazing. The items were 100-meter sprints, skipping, badminton, sack race, spoon and marble race, needle and thread race, math race, volleyball, table tennis, swimming for boys, etc.

There were some attractive and amusing sports competitions for the teachers and guardians. Pillow passing for the female teachers and guardians was very competitive and attractive.

Pot breaking of the blind was an excellent sports competition for the guardians and the guests. The guardians, the guests, and the audience enjoyed the game. They inspired the competitors with huge claps. Breaking pot by the blind drew much attention from the audience.

The last event of the sports day was a short but superb cultural function. The students of the school performed at the function. Singing patriotic songs, dancing, poem recitation and a beautiful stage drama were the performances of the cultural function. The guests who were present there highly praised the performance of the students. The students also vowed to keep themselves aloof from drugs and any kind of anti-social activities.

The chief guest was the chairman of a famous industrial group of Bangladesh. He gave away prizes to the winners. He declared to set up a sports academy for the school with all the modern facilities.

(Report-2): Annual sports of Mirpur Girls College held

Star Sports Desk: Annual Sports 2023 of Mirpur Girls College was held yesterday February 07, 2023.

The college campus wore a festive mood to celebrate the annual sports day. The students, guardians, teachers, and the invited distinguished guests were in a festive and enthusiastic mood on the occasion of the annual sports day of the college.

Apart from students, the teachers and the guardians took part in many disciplines of sports.

At the beginning of the gala day, the chief guest hoisted the national flag of Bangladesh. Everyone was singing the national anthem at that moment. It was a pleasure for all because the chief guest was a student of the college. She is now working as a top bureaucrat in the foreign cadre service of the Bangladesh government. Students became extremely delighted to have their senior sister as the chief guest among them.

Then the students exhibit the annual parade. Six groups of students took part in the parade. The groups are four houses Padma, Meghna, Jamuna, and Modhumoti. The college branch of Girls Guide and Bangladesh National Cadet Core also took part in the annual parade.

The most attractive sports competitions were the sack race, marble race, slow ride cycling, handball, table tennis, basketball, and 200-meter relay race. The audience had much amusement enjoying the event, “Dress as You Like.”

Pulling rope was an excellent sports competition. The competitors were the teachers vs guardians and guests. The most interesting part of this competition was when the students saw their teachers could not compete with the guardians and guests, they started pulling the rope with their teachers. It was an excellent scene of the sports day.

The chief guest distributed prizes among the participants. She also took part in a photo session with the students.

At the end of the annual sports day, there was a mind-blowing cultural program. The performance of the students fascinated all.

The chief guest in her speech requested the students to put equal emphasis on studies and sports. She said to be happy and successful in life both education and physical fitness are essential.

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