Paragraph on Tree Plantation for SSC and HSC

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(Paragraph-1): Tree Plantation

Sometimes we plant trees for special purposes in a planned way and sometimes we plant trees as a hobby. All these activities are tree plantation. Planting trees is a noble and important job as trees are the most essential elements for our survival on earth. But without considering the dire consequences of reckless cutting down of trees, we are endangering our environment and lives. As a result, the world’s temperature is getting warmer gradually.

So, we should plant more and more trees to keep the normalcy of the temperature around the world. Because we know trees help to lessen the temperature. Moreover, trees help us in many ways. Trees prevent air pollution by taking carbon dioxide and giving oxygen to nature. They also provide us shelter, shade, wood, food, fruits, and whatnot.

Trees help our environment in many ways. They prevent soil erosion. By making agricultural land fertile trees contribute a lot in increasing agricultural production. Trees play a great role in protecting us from various natural disasters such as storms droughts, and floods. They prevent any area from becoming a desert. There will be less rainfall if there are fewer trees in an area. The climate will be hot. Different kinds of natural disasters will hit our world.

Trees provide food, shelter, and oxygen for living beings. So, without trees, people and animals will suffer from a shortage of food, shade, and oxygen. Birds and animals will lose their habitats. There will be no ecological balance. There should be more or less 25% forest in a country to maintain environmental balance. But the amount of forest land in Bangladesh is much less than the desired level. There is only 12% of forest in Bangladesh based on the information of Bangladesh Forest Information System.

So, necessary steps should be taken to have more trees. People should be more conscious about planting more trees. Print and electronic media of Bangladesh can play a more effective and fruitful role in making people more conscious of the necessity of tree plantation. We should plant numerous trees to build a happy and prosperous Bangladesh. The government also should take some effective and fruitful measures to increase the number of trees. There should be strict laws to cut government trees. There are so many roads across the country. By planting trees on both sides of the roads government can increase the number of trees.

In our country, July and August are suitable times for planting trees. During this time, we should plant more and more trees. If we don’t plant more trees our existence will be in jeopardy in the world.

(Paragraph-2): Tree Plantation

There is a common and familiar saying that trees are the best friend of all living beings. There are so many strong reasons behind this statement. Birds, animals, and human beings are closely related to trees and are dependent on trees for food and shelter extensively.

Oxygen is the most important gas for living beings to survive in the world. We get this valuable gas free of cost from trees. On the contrary, carbon dioxide gas is harmful to us. Through photosynthesis trees take away carbon dioxide from the environment and give oxygen. The photosynthesis process of trees is very helpful for us to live. So, it is clear why trees are our best friends.

For various household necessities, we need trees. The necessities are cooking, furniture, etc. Instead of using wood, we should find substitutes to save nature and trees.

Fruits are one of the most important gifts of nature. We know fruits are full of nutrients. Moreover, fruits are the source of numerous vitamins. By eating fruits birds, animals, and human beings get potassium, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and energy. By producing and supplying us with fruits, trees are performing the role of helpful friends. We produce juice, jam, jelly, etc. from fruits.

Trees are the best source of food and shelter for living beings. Trees are the safe house for the birds. Some birds build excellent nests in the trees to bring up baby birds. Without trees, we cannot think of our lives in this world. From trees, we get vegetables, seeds, edible oil, etc.

Scientists use different parts of trees to produce life-saving medicine. Herbal medicine plays a great role in curing several diseases. It is organic medicine. Organic medicine hardly has side effects. The raw materials of herbal medicine are trees.

Nature looks beautiful when the flowers bloom in the trees. The beauty of trees cannot be described in words. A place full of trees and a place without trees look quite different. Besides providing food and oxygen trees also soothe our eyes and mind. Trees are necessary to enhance the beauty of our surroundings.

The top layer of the soil is fertile and for this reason, this soil is very important for cultivation. Rainwater and floods can wash away this topsoil. If rainwater or floods wash away this fertile topsoil, the agricultural land will be barren and no crops will be produced. Trees and the roots of trees protect this fertile soil from being washed away. Thus, trees contribute a lot to produce more crops by preventing the fertility of the soil.

From our discussion now we know how important trees are for us. So, we not only should plant trees but also should take care of them to ensure the proper growth of the trees. Because without trees our survival is impossible on this planet. To save our dear planet Earth we must emphasize tree plantation.

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