Paragraph Water Pollution for SSC and HSC

Water pollution is a great threat to human beings and also to other living beings. Because pollution-free water is a must for a safe and healthy life. Water pollution is a much-talked topic nowadays. As an important contemporary topic, the paragraph on water pollution is a must-read content for the students of schools and colleges. So, students should put much more emphasis on reading and writing the paragraph water pollution repeatedly. Water pollution is always an important paragraph for the SSC and HSC examinations. So, the SSC and HSC examinees should know details about the causes and effects of water pollution with proper importance.

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(Paragraph-1): Water Pollution

Water is one of the most important elements of our environment. For the survival of all living beings water is a must. Water pollution is a great threat to the existence of all living beings. The word pollution is a synonym of the word contamination. Whenever there are harmful elements in the water we call it polluted or contaminated water. Polluted water is harmful to all living beings. Water pollution causes deadly diseases. Water pollution is a disaster for us.

There are so many reasons for water pollution in the context of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a land of overpopulation. Thousands of rivers and canals are flowing across the country. People use these rivers and canals for their communication.

Numerous boats, trawlers, cargo, launches, etc. ply on the waterways of Bangladesh. People use these water transports for both passenger and goods transportation. All these transports are run on fuel oil. A few years ago, the boats were run by oars and sails. But now all the boats use engines and oil. Water vehicles discharge toxic oils into the river water regularly. Moreover, as we are not conscious enough about the dangers of water pollution the garbage from passenger launches and other maritime transports is thrown into the river, resulting in continuous water pollution.

Even the human excrement of the huge number of people who use waterways is mixed with river water. This is also a reason for water contamination. Bangladeshi people drink water from rivers and canals. Though they boil the water some diseases remain there. This water causes diarrheal diseases. As a result, every year many children become affected by diarrhea.

The waste management of the cities of Bangladesh is not as modern and scientific as the developed countries. As a result, various types of waste from cities end up in nearby water bodies. These wastes are too toxic to contaminate water.

The pollution of water leads to the destruction of all living beings in the world. Water gets contaminated in many other ways.

Whenever the waste of mills and factories mixes with the river, sea, or canal water, water gets polluted. Farmers use fertilizers and pesticides in their fields for farming. Fertilizers and pesticides are common and serious ingredients to pollute water. Hospital waste is also the worst ingredient to pollute water.

To save our dear world we must control all this pollution otherwise all the living beings of the world will be in jeopardy. So, we all should be conscious and careful about water pollution.

(Paragraph-2): Water Pollution

From our childhood, we have been learning from our books and teachers that another name for water is life. From this statement, we can realize the importance of water in our lives. We cannot live without water. Here water means pure water. Because impure water is harmful to all living beings.

Water becomes polluted in various ways. Urbanization and industrialization are the main reasons for water pollution. Industrial pollutants mix with water and water becomes polluted. Generally, industries are set up on the river banks. Industrial chemicals, dirt and filth, and other pollutants mix with the river water. Thus, the river water becomes heavily polluted. We cannot use this polluted and poisonous river water for bathing and washing clothes let alone drinking. Because of unplanned urbanization, there is a lack of waste management in the cities. As a result, human and household waste, hospital waste, and human hand-made dirt and filth mix with water in different ways. This is also a prime reason for water pollution.

To get rid of water pollution there should be a modern waste management system in every industry. Through the treatment of industrial waste, river water can be safe from pollution. No industry should be allowed to let its chemical waste fall into the river water. In cities, through counseling and campaigns city authorities should make the citizen conscious so that they do not throw their personal and household waste here and there. Rather they should put their waste in a particular dustbin.

To lead a healthy and happy life clean and pure water is a must for us. So, everyone should play their respective role properly to stop the pollution of water.

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