Paragraph International Mother Language Day

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By reading the paragraph students will be familiar with the following facts:

  • Historic background of February 21.
  • Declaration of International Mother Language Day by UNESCO.
  • The incidents of 1952.
  • Role of the students in the language movement.
  • How people celebrate 21 February.

(Paragraph-1): International Mother Language Day

21st February is International Mother Language Day. The day was proclaimed International Mother Language Day by UNESCO. This day has a bloody background. It was 1952. The then Pakistani government planned that Urdu would be the only state language of Pakistan. But Bangla was the mother tongue of 56% of the then Pakistani citizens.

Although the Bengalees protested the plan, the government declared Urdu as the only state language. The protest finally reached a more violent stage. The government declared Section 144 to stop the movement. But our valorous students violated it and brought out a procession. Near Dhaka Medical College Hospital, the police fired upon the protesting crowd. Salam, Barkat, Rafique, Jobbar, and some other students died on the spot, and the situation became more violent.

At last, the Pakistani government was compelled to declare Bangla, along with Urdu as the state language. Besides, the Central Shahid Minar was built on the place where the students were shot dead.

Now the day is known as Ekushey February or Shaheed Dibosh (Martyr’s Day). People all over the world have known the day as International Mother Language Day since 2000. Bangladesh is the only country in the world that fought for its language. Bangladeshi people are the only nation who fought for the recognition of their mother tongue. Through a bloody movement, the valiant Bangali could establish the proper right of their mother tongue.

Everyone observes the day with due solemnity. People of all ages remember the language martyrs with due respect and gratitude. By sacrificing their lives, our beloved language martyrs paved the way for us to speak Bangla. People decorate the Shahid Minar with flowers and show respect to the martyred souls. Various organizations also arrange seminars and cultural functions to mark the day. Television channels and Radio stations broadcast special programs on this day. The day is also a public holiday. Different countries across the world observe the day as International Mother Language Day.

(Paragraph-2): International Mother Language Day

A human being first starts hearing language from the mouth of a mother. So, naturally, a special bondage and love are created with the mother’s language. Every language is an emotion and love for the people of that language. People love their mother tongue more than anything else.

Mother language is the dearest and best love for a human being. Thinking and expressing opinions through the mother language is so easy and pleasant. Naturally, people are used to using their mother language in every situation. People may know more languages other than their mother language. But they feel comfort and relaxation using their mother language for personal thinking and expressing emotion, feelings, anger, love, etc.

It is a matter of pride that the sons of our nation are the only ones in history to shed blood to protect our mother tongue. In 1952, on February 21 the unstoppable youngsters came to the streets in a revolt to fight against the decision of the Pakistan government to make Urdu the only state language.

After the partition in 1947, West Pakistanis had been trying in different ways to dominate the people of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). The mother tongue of the majority of the people was Bangla. But the Pakistani rulers tried to impose Urdu instead of Bangla as the official language hurting the sentiments of seventy million Bangla-speaking people.

In protest of this injudicious decision, the students of different educational institutions of Dhaka city under the leadership of the students of Dhaka University decided to bring out a peaceful rally. But the government administration strictly prohibited bringing out any procession. Without paying heed to the government order the students brought out a procession in front of the Dhaka Medical College on February 21, 1952. Police shot at the students of the procession. Four to five students died on the spot.

At this, the students and the general people of the entire country started fierce demonstrations. Finding no other way the Pakistani government accepted the claim of making Bangla a state language alongside Urdu.

This incident is the context of the declaration of February 21 as International Mother Language Day by UNESCO. To honor and recognize the movement of Bangla-speaking people to uphold the dignity of their mother language in 1999 UNESCO declared February 21 as International Mother Language Day. Since then, people across the world have been observing February 21 as International Mother Language Day with due respect and dignity. The day reminds us to show proper respect and love to every language.

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