Paragraph Load Shedding for SSC and HSC

Load shedding is an important paragraph for the students of SSC and HSC examinations. So, the SSC and HSC examinees should know the details of load shedding in Bangladesh for writing an informative paragraph. They should emphasize learning the causes and effects of load shedding to write a good quality paragraph to do well in their exams.

The students also should be conscious of avoiding making grammatical and spelling mistakes. The examinees also should keep an eye on the punctuation and capitalization to make the writeup meaningful and beautiful.

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(Paragraph-1): Load Shedding Paragraph for SSC and HSC

Load shedding is the interruption of the electricity supply. When uninterrupted power supply is not possible load shedding occurs. Whenever a power supply company switches off the connection of the power supply to a particular area to distribute electricity in other areas, we call it load shedding.

Suppose a city requires 100 MW of electricity to meet its demand. But the power supply authority of the city has only 70 MW of electricity that it has got from the power generation company. To adjust the 30-megawatt power deficit, the supply authority switches off electricity in some areas and distributes it to other areas for a particular time. The process keeps going continuously. In simple language, this is load-shedding.

The generation of electricity is expensive, complex, and time-consuming. This is why electricity production cannot be increased at will. It requires time, a lot of money, and modern technology to generate electricity. In Bangladesh, there is a big difference between the generation and demand of electricity. As a result, load shedding is a common incident across the country.

Bangladesh is a tropical country. Every year Bangladesh witnesses a long hot and humid summer. Load shedding spikes in summer. There are several reasons behind this. People use fans and air conditioners throughout the day and night to get relief from the extreme heat. As a result, the consumption of electricity increases. Which results in an unusual spike in load shedding.

There is a difference in the duration of load shedding in rural and city areas especially in the capital city Dhaka. In villages, there is no electricity for hours. However, the situation is quite different in Dhaka. Here load shedding occurs hardly. And the duration of load shedding is short.

To generate electricity gas, coal, and fuel oil are necessary. Bangladesh does not have enough gas to generate enough electricity. We also have financial issues with buying enough coal and fuel oil. These are the reasons why load shedding is a common incident and acute in Bangladesh. However, the Bangladesh government is trying its best to cope with the growing electricity demand and to ease the sufferings of load shedding.

(Paragraph-2): Load Shedding

Load shedding is a daily common incident in our country. The suspension of the power supply for a certain period in a particular area is known as load shedding.

Load shedding occurs when the generation of electricity is less than the demand. Another reason for load shedding is illegal connection. Because of the shortage of electricity, the power authority tries to balance the supply of electricity.

The authority cuts the power supply in one area at a particular time and supplies the electricity in another area. Hence, load shedding occurs in that particular area for a certain period. The area becomes dark and all the activities come to a standstill. Students can’t study, factory machines are stopped, activities of the hospital are also stopped, things inside refrigerators get rotten, and domestic activities also get stopped. Leading a normal life becomes a great problem because of load shedding.

The problem is getting worse day by day, especially in rural areas. People from all walks of life are victims of load shedding. Load shedding affects the economy on a big scale. Our government has taken a lot of effective and fruitful steps to increase power generation to lessen load shedding.

In cities, the situation has become developed. Load shedding now hardly occurs in big cities, especially in Dhaka. Moreover, public awareness is also important to get rid of this problem.

We all should be conscious of using electricity. We should switch off our fan, light, and other electrical equipment when we are going out of the home.

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