Paragraph My Favorite Pastime for SSC

The paragraph about my favorite pastime is an important content for writing activity for the students of schools and colleges. So, the students should emphasize reading and writing the paragraph my favorite pastime to get good scores in their exams. More practice will help students to write an error-free paragraph.

Best wishes to the students.

(Paragraph-1): My Favourite Pastime

The activities we do regularly for our enjoyment are called pastimes. Pastime gives us recreation. It differs from place to place. Generally, the pastimes of village and city people are different. The favorite pastimes of village people are chatting, gossiping about local issues, playing different types of rural games, etc. The village women spend their time gossiping and sewing.

On the other hand, the favorite pastimes of the city people are reading newspapers and books. City women are fond of watching drama and movies. The younger generation of city people is very much fond of spending their time on social media like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The young boys in both the village and the city play cricket and football. The common pastime of both village and city people is watching TV.

I live in Dhaka city and I am a student. My favorite pastimes are reading books, watching TV, and listening to music. I also love traveling and photography. In my free time, I go out to visit different places and take photos of those places.

(Paragraph-2): My Favorite Pastime

Pastime means doing something for amusement and relaxation in our free time. People of all ages and every profession remain busy doing their respective work. Being involved in the same work always makes them bored. So, to get rid of boring tasks people should spend their leisure time in some activities that they like and love. These activities are called pastimes. Pastime helps people to get rid of the monotony of their regular work. By removing monotony people can stimulate themselves to work with fresh and full energy. They can concentrate more to accomplish their work.

So, the pastime is very important for everyone. There are various types of people in our society according to their variety of personalities, tastes, and choices. As a result, pastime also differs from person to person. Some people may love traveling, some may love listening to music, some may love watching TV, some may love reading story books, some love photography, some may love gardening in their free time, and so on.

I am a student. My favorite pastime is blogging. I am a YouTuber. Traveling in different places and video capturing is at the top of my preference. Whenever I go traveling with my family and friends, I take video footage of those beautiful locations. Even if I go to any restaurants to eat food, I take my camera with me. I shoot the location, the interior of the restaurants, and the food items. I also have a microphone for voice recording. But if the noise is too much, I only take video footage without recording my voice.

After coming back home I edit the video with the help of my computer and video editing software. I also add descriptions of the location or food using my voice. Then I upload these videos to my own YouTube channel. This activity gives me much pleasure. Though I earn money from my pastime my target is not earning money. Because my pastime is the main source of my recreation, pleasure, and relaxation. So many people watch my videos. They inspire me to continue blogging. I get immense pleasure and amusement from my pastime.

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