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School Magazine is a common and important paragraph for the students of classes 6 to 10. The paragraph school magazine is also important for SSC examinees. So, students should emphasize reading and writing this paragraph to get good marks in the exam.

Best wishes to the students.

(Paragraph-1): School Magazine

A school magazine contains writings of the teachers and the students of an educational institute. Almost every well-established school publishes a school magazine every year. School Magazine tells us a lot of things about the school and helps to bring out the latent talent of the students.

It contains poems, articles, and short stories all written by the teachers and the students. The publication of a school magazine is a very difficult task. As a result, the concerned teachers and students work hard to publish the magazine. The Headmaster invites writings from the students and the teachers.

The headmaster of the school is the main patron of a school magazine. And generally, the headmaster appoints Bangla and English teachers to help the students as instructors. They go through the selected writings and help the writers to correct spelling and other mistakes.

The drawing teacher of the school plays an important role in making it colorful with a beautiful design. Other teachers also give their suggestions to make it a unique one. The teachers and students name a beautiful name for their magazine.

Almost every school publishes at least one school magazine every single year. Because a school magazine is generally an annual publication. The school authority bears the expenditure of the magazine. The only cost of a school magazine is printing from the press. But if the magazine is handwritten the cost is much lower than a printed magazine. For a handwritten magazine, the students only need to buy colored pens and drawing paper or poster paper.

The editorial board consists of teachers and senior students, sort out the qualified ones to be printed. The school magazine serves many useful purposes. The most important thing is that it brings out the latent creative talents of the students and thus helps them to be great writers.

The students become happy and proud to see their writing in print. The school magazine also reflects the academic and co-curricular activities of the school. It is a treasure island for the students.

The students can learn many things from the school magazine. In short, it can be said that the school magazine is a mirror of a school.

(Paragraph-2): A School Magazine

School Magazine is a yearly or half-yearly publication of a school. Generally, every school publishes a school magazine every year. Writing for school magazines is a part of co-curricular activities. Apart from the writing of the students school magazine also gives detailed information about a school. Our school is well-known for its good results and co-curricular activities. Moreover, our school publishes a school magazine at the beginning of the year. This is a yearly school magazine. The name of our school magazine is “The Excellence of The Students”.

Both the teachers and the students contribute their best to publish a good and quality school magazine. A school magazine contributes a lot to flourishing the latent talent of the students. Students can develop their writing skills by writing for the school magazine. Whenever people praise them for their good quality write-ups, they become confident. And this confidence helps them to be a writer in the future.

Every year our school publishes a school magazine. Our headteacher calls a meeting of teachers and students on the first week of February. In the meeting, a magazine committee is formed. The headteacher is the chief patron of the committee. This is a seven-member committee headed by an editor. The magazine committee comprises teachers and students.

The committee invites writings from the students and teachers through a notice. Interested teachers and students submit their writings on or before the fixed date. Students write poems, short stories, short dramas, jokes, lyrics, science fiction, etc. for the school magazine. Then the committee sits together to select the best writings to publish.

March 26 is our Independence Day. On this day, our school magazine is published. The students become so delighted to see their writings in print. As a result, they become inspired to write more and more. So, it is clear that a school magazine has a great impact on developing the writing skills of the students.

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