Paragraph on The Role of Women in Society for HSC:

The Role of Women in Society is an important Paragraph for the public exams like SSC and HSC. So, the examinees should put emphasis to be familiar with the role of women in society to write a good quality paragraph or essay on this topic.

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The Role of Women Paragraph:

Role of Women

Men and women are equally important in a family and in the society. Because women are half of the demography of society. Without showing due respect and dignity to the women it is not possible to develop the socio-economic condition of a society as well as a country.

Sustainable development is not possible without the participation of women in every sphere of society and country. They are half of the total population. By keeping aloof fifty percent of people from the mainstream development process how is it possible for a nation to thrive? So, the participation of women should be ensured everywhere according to their merit and ability. There should not be any barriers or discrimination to empowering women.

The wife is the best comrade for a husband to face the cruel reality of the world. This is the characteristic of women to stand by their husbands in weal and woe. The women are courageous enough to withstand any adverse and untoward situation standing by their dear man. So, it is clear that men alone cannot be successful without the help of women.

We know that women are less corrupt than men in administrative positions. So, to decrease the corruption rate government and non-government organizations should appoint women to the top position of the administration. They love their institute just like their family. As a result, women work heart and soul with honesty for the comprehensive development of the organization.

Researchers have found that female teachers are more dedicated, caring, and more sincere than male teachers. They teach the students with motherly affection. Teaching with motherly care is effective and fruitful to achieve learning outcomes. Because students learn with joy and happiness in a friendly and family environment.

Nowadays women are also taking part in different games and sports. Ans it is worth mentioning that they are becoming champions in different events of games and sports and bringing honor for the country. The women’s football team of Bangladesh became the SAAF champion in 2022.

Women are now becoming pilot, doctor, military officers, police officers, magistrate, diplomat etc. And in every position, they are proving their competence. They are not less competent or meritorious than their male colleagues.

In difficult times of a family, women take the responsibility of the family by holding the steering of the family. They start a small business to support their family. Courageous women are also riding Uber nowadays to earn money. Women are also earning money through freelancing. Thus women support their dear families.

In recent times, so many women are becoming entrepreneurs. They have started their own start-up. Most of the start-ups have become successful. Some of them are now celebrities. Not only the women but also the men are also talking about them and praising their courage for starting a business.

Women are also actively taking part in politics. As a result, we are getting so many women leaders and public representatives at the local and national levels. We have women members of parliament, minister, speaker of the national parliament, leader of the opposition, and also the prime minister.

Women are the manager of the family. A family thrives with the excellent managerial skill of a woman. Women achieve this skill naturally. Because this is the inherent quality of women. But this is an unpaid job. Women also do not want money for working from dawn to dusk for their dear families. But they want love, respect, and care. This is the responsibility of men to ensure the honor of the women. Because women are mother, sister, daughter, and wife of men.

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