Globalization Paragraph for SSC & HSC:

The paragraph on Globalization for HSC is important for the HSC examinees. So, the students of classes eleven and twelve are requested to practice the paragraph frequently to get good marks in their exams.

Paragraph on Globalization:

Globalization is a familiar and common word nowadays. Because of globalization, the world is now a global village. In a village, the families are closely connected with one another. The countries across the world are also connected with one another. This connection is mandatory because of globalization. The process of globalization is helping countries and people to get the benefit of things and services beyond the border.

There are so many things related to globalization. Such as trade, communication, education, medical treatment, job, e-commerce, military support, food and seed, politics, etc. The contribution of globalization is immense. Globalization is creating more effective relationships among nations, business organizations, and also individuals.

An important part and parcel of globalization is trade and commerce. Without buying and selling different types of products to and from the international market a nation cannot survive let alone thrive. Suppose, Bangladesh sells jute, tea leaves, ready-made garments, leather, etc. to the international market. On the contrary, Bangladesh buys petroleum, coal, vehicles, computer, mobile, etc. from the international market.

Every single country in the world has to buy and sell things to and from other countries. Otherwise, the economy and the normal life of the citizens of a country will face disaster. A country may have huge mineral oil to sell. But she does not have enough food to feed her people. So, the country sells oil and buys food. Globalization makes this process easier.

Communication and globalization are interrelated. Modern communication is fast and safe. People can send and receive physical products to and from any part of the world within a short time. Besides, rail, road, sea, or air there is another mode of communication and that is the Internet. Through the Internet, the people of the world have become closer to each other. By using the internet, we can send and receive messages, photos, videos, mail, etc. easily and instantly. As a result, modern communication has made the world a global village by bringing every single country and person closer to one another. So, communication has made globalization more effective and fruitful.

Nowadays students from a country go to another country to receive education. This is a great benefit of globalization. Even the student does not face a language barrier to receive higher education. Because English is the global language and all the countries use English as the medium of higher education.

Another benefit of globalization is the employment of skilled and unskilled people beyond the border of their own country. Some countries like Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan have so many unemployed people. These people move to countries where they have the opportunity to get jobs.

E-commerce is the latest technology for buying and selling physical products and software. Globalization has made it possible to buy and sell hardware and software to and from any part of the world. An Italian buyer can order a book from Amazon the e-commerce giant of the USA. The book may not be available in the Italian warehouse of Amazon. Nevertheless, Amazon manages the book from another country. This happens easily and quickly because of globalization. This is the process of globalization.

There is nothing in the world without some issues. So, there are also some challenges of globalization. Some disadvantages of globalization are:

  • Trade imbalance.
  • Tough competition for the local products.
  • Probability of losing jobs for the local workers.
  • Probability of decreasing salary of the workers.
  • Easy access to foreign diseases like viruses.
  • Clash of different cultures.
  • Deterioration of law and order.
  • Environmental pollution.

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