Paragraph An Accident I Witnessed:

An accident I witnessed is a common paragraph for the SSC and HSC examinations. This paragraph is also common for the school exams.

The language of the paragraph is easy and simple for the students to read and understand. By going through the paragraph once or twice students will be able to write this paragraph in their answer script.

By answering the following questions students can easily write the paragraph:

  • Where was the accident location?
  • What type of vehicle it was?
  • Who was the victim?
  • How was the speed of the vehicle?
  • What the victim was doing?
  • Was it a serious or normal accident?
  • How did the nearby people help?

A Road Accident You Witnessed:

Nowadays street accident has become a regular incident in Bangladesh. Because almost every day I hear the news of road accidents in newspapers or from television. But I could not imagine that a road accident would take place in front of my eyes. On last Sunday I was going home from my college. It was about 2.00 PM. I was near to my home.

Before crossing a road, I halted for a minute. I was looking left and right to see whether it was safe to cross the road. At that moment I saw a young boy crossing the road and running. Right at that time, a speedy private car hit the boy. The car did not stop rather it increased the speed and ran away from the spot. The boy fell down on the street and became senseless.

I rushed to the spot. People who were around there also rushed to the spot. The boy was seriously wounded. We hired a car and took the boy to a nearby hospital. The doctors took the boy to the emergency department of the hospital. We were waiting to know the condition of the boy. One of the doctors came to us and told us that the injury of the boy was not serious. He also said that the boy regained consciousness.

The doctors phoned the parents of the boy taking the number from him. We all became happy to know that the wound was not serious. Within a couple of minutes, the family members of the boy reached the hospital. They thanked us. I left the hospital with a happy heart that I could do something for someone.

A Train Accident:

Like road accident, train accident has also become common in our country. I have to cross a rail crossing on way to my school. A few days ago, I was going to school. It was about 10.00 AM. When I was near the rail crossing, I heard the sound of a train. So, I stopped walking.

The gateman of the rail crossing also put the barrier to stop the vehicles. A man with a basket over his head was walking along the rail track. Some people were shouting at him so that he could move aside the rail line. Just at that moment, the train was crossing the man. The train touched the basket of the man. The man fell down on the ground. I rushed to the spot.

The man was lucky because he did not hurt seriously. He got injured slightly in his right hand. The people who were present there rebuked him. Everyone also suggested him to be careful at the time of walking through the rail lines or crossing rail tracks. We took him to a nearby medicine shop. The medical assistant gave him some medicine and first aid.

A Motorcycle Accident You Witnessed:

Motorbike accident is more common than any other accident. Most of the bikers are young. They love speed. As a result, they do not follow the speed limit on the road. Because they do not know that more speed is more dangerous. As a result, motorcycle accident occurs off and on.

Motorcycle journey is not suitable for highways. Because on the highways there are so many buses and trucks. The big vehicles run at a high speed on the highways. Because of blind spots sometimes the drivers of the buses and trucks do not notice the position of the motorbike. So, it has a chance of collision between a bus and a motorbike. In the big cities, there are so much traffic on the streets. Riding a motorcycle in the midst of huge traffic is risky. There is a great possibility of an accident.

Some bikers do not follow the traffic rules they ride their bikes according to their wish. A few days ago, whenever I was going to a friend’s home near our college, I witnessed a bike accident in front of my eyes. A young boy of 20 or 22 was riding the latest model motorbike. He was not riding the bike smoothly. Rather he was riding his bike in a zigzag style and in a high speed.

All of a sudden, a car came in front of his bike and he could not control the speed of his bike. His bike hit the car badly. The bike and the boy overturned on the street. I rushed to the spot. The boy was badly injured. The owner of the car was a good man. He stopped his car and got down from the car. We told him to take the boy to a nearby hospital. He agreed and took the boy to a hospital.

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