Paragraph Importance of Learning English for SSC and HSC

The paragraph on the importance of learning English is an important paragraph for the examinees of SSC and HSC. This paragraph is also important for the students of other classes.

In different competitive examinations for getting a job the paragraph on the importance or the necessity of learning English is common and important. So, students of all classes and job seekers should know how to write a paragraph on the importance of learning English.

Best of luck to everyone.

After reading the paragraph the readers will know the following information:

  • Why the English language is important?
  • Why the English language is an international language?
  • The benefit of learning English.
  • Different skills and sub-skills of the English language.
  • Job opportunities by learning English.
  • Business opportunities by learning English.
  • Scope of gaining knowledge.
  • To get good scores in IELTS and TOEFL.
  • Opens the door to study abroad.

(Paragraph-1): Importance of Learning English

It’s not easy to describe the importance of learning English in words. The entire world is using English for international communication. English is the mother tongue of the people of the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. But nowadays, people use English across the world irrespective of nation, caste, and creed.

English opens the door to endless possibilities and opportunities. Business, education, job, etc. all the sectors need people who are good at English.

For higher education, English is a must because all the books on higher studies are written in English. Besides, to get a good job and to get a handsome salary mastery of English is a must. If someone can develop his writing skills at a standard level, he can earn money by writing and selling articles. He also can create a blog of his own and can earn a good amount of money by utilizing his writing skills.

Public speaking is an art. If someone can develop his speaking skills, he can get a job where the employer is in search of a good speaker. There are two types of reading skills. One is silent reading and the other one is loud reading. Reading aloud is an art. A good reader can be a TV or radio news presenter. Besides, to study abroad, we must prove our English language proficiency.

Through IELTS, TOEFL, etc. foreign universities decide our skills in English. So, to get good scores in all these exams we must be good at English. In IELTS, four basic English language skills, reading, writing, listening, and speaking are tested. So, without having skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking, it’s not possible to get good scores in IELTS and study abroad.

The language of international business is English. So, to run an international business, English is a must. Most of the offices in our country, either government or non-government, use English for their everyday communication. On the internet, most of the information is in English. So, to get information from the internet, English is a must. This is the age of globalization.

So, to keep pace with the modern world, learning English is very important. And that’s why we should keep learning English every day.

(paragraph-2): Importance of Learning English

We maintain communication with other people through language. Without the help of language, it is not possible to communicate with others. Every person has his or her own mother tongue. There are thousands of languages across the world.

People of different countries use different languages. For international communication, it is important to use a common language. English is that language. That is why English is an international language. English helps people all over the world for smooth communication.

If two persons of different languages need to exchange their information they have to use a common language. In that case, they use English.

In some countries, people of different regions use different languages. So they also use English as a common language for communication. For international communication, people use English.

For International business and international banking, English is a must. International sports commentary is given in English. Most of the information on the internet is also in English. Most of the necessary books of the world are also in English.

International aviation and marines use English to serve their purpose. Most of the books on higher studies are in English. If someone wants to study abroad he must be good at English. International students must get a good score in IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, etc. for admission to a foreign university.

Almost all the offices recruit English-speaking people. For promotion and to raise salary the offices consider the knowledge and skills of English of the employee. As a result, to get a good job and to get a good salary learning English is a must.

Freelancing has become a popular profession among young people in Bangladesh. To be a successful freelancer good command of English is a must. Because the clients of the freelancers are foreigners.

English is always important for the students. To get good marks in the exam, to get a good job, and to face real-life challenges learning English is a must for a student.

Even to get admitted to the universities of Sweden or Germany English language skills are compulsory. Though the mother tongue of Sweden and Germany is not English. To learn and explore more, learning English is truly important. Moreover, this is the age of globalization and to be a global citizen learning English is necessary.

Even to enjoy life someone must learn English. If someone goes to another country to visit, the people of that country will not understand the mother tongue of the visitor. In that case, English is the only solution.

In one sentence we can say that without learning English it is not possible to cope with the present world. So, undoubtedly learning English is important.

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