Winter Morning Paragraph

A winter morning is a common and important paragraph for the students of schools and colleges. Students should know the features of a winter morning to write a good paragraph on a winter morning. To get good scores in the exams students should read and write the paragraph frequently. Repeated practice will also help the students to write an error-free paragraph.

By emphasizing the following important points students will be able to write a paragraph about a winter morning.

  • Main features of a winter morning in Bangladesh.
  • Winter in the Bangla calendar.
  • The average temperature of winter in Bangladesh.
  • The lifestyle of the rural and urban people in a winter morning.
  • Activities of the students on a winter morning.
  • Activities of the housewives.
  • Other special features of a winter morning.

(Paragraph-1): Winter Morning

Winter is the fifth season in the Bangla calendar. The winter season in Bangladesh consists of the Bangla month Poush and Magh. It is the coldest season of the year. The average temperature of the winter season in Bangladesh is 16 degrees Celcius. The temperature fluctuates at different times of the day. The temperature is also different in different parts of the country.

Generally, the temperature remains low on a winter morning. A winter morning is blurred because of the thick fog. On a foggy winter morning, there is heavy fog everywhere. So, buses, trains, and launches run slowly lighting the headlights even in the daytime. Sometimes airplanes cannot land or take off to and from the airports in Bangladesh. Dense fog disrupts normal flight operation. Huge fog obstructs our eyesight. As a result, we cannot see things at a little distance properly.

Birds do not sing on winter mornings because of fogginess and extreme cold. Generally, people get up late in the winter morning. So, after getting up from bed they become very busy having breakfast and getting ready for going to their workplaces.

Washing dishes and preparing breakfast is a challenge for housewives on a winter morning. But our mothers and sisters never leave any work incomplete as usual. They are not scared of the cold of a winter morning to finish their household chores.

Students of schools and colleges do not want to get up from bed to go to their educational institutes on a winter morning. Because they want to enjoy a winter morning sleeping under the warmth of a quilt. Students do not want to get up from bed because of the shivering cold. But their parents compel them to get up from bed and go to school.

As the sun is not visible on a winter morning, the farmers do not take out their cattle from their barns or sheds. Dewdrops fall on tree leaves and blades of grass at night and in the winter morning. These dewdrops look like glittering pearls when the rays of the morning sun fall on them.

Compared to cities the temperature of winter morning in villages remains low. To get rid of the biting cold, the villagers gather straws and dry leaves to make a fire to keep themselves warm. The fog disappears when the sun rises. Village people bask in the sun to warm themselves. It is a common scene in rural Bangladesh.

Making different types of Pithas and Payes in the winter morning is a culture and tradition of Bangladesh. Both the rural and urban people make and enjoy Pitha and Payes on a winter morning. This is a food culture and tradition of Bangladesh.

A winter morning is lovely and enjoyable.

(Paragraph-2): Winter Morning

Winter season in Bangladesh is not too cold like the countries of Europe or America. The climate of Bangladesh is tropical. The winter season in Bangladesh is short. Winter lasts only two months in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is a small country. But the temperature in winter is disparate in northern and southern Bangladesh. The temperature of northern Bangladesh is lower than in middle and southern Bangladesh in winter.

Everyone whether young or aged loves to remain under a quilt in the morning. As a result, in this season people are usually late in starting their normal daily activities. Hot tea or coffee is a favorite beverage of people on a winter morning.

Students get winter vacation. The annual exam is also over. They do not have the stress of preparing lessons. So, students with their parents go to their village. Winter in the villages of Bangladesh is always attractive and amusing. They enjoy their winter morning with various types of traditional winter Pitha.

The wide horizon of the yellow mustard field is a scenic beauty of winter in rural Bangladesh. The scene of collecting date juice from date trees is another excellent beauty of winter morning in Bangladesh. Villagers prepare delicious Payes and molasses from date juice.

A winter morning in Bangladesh is always impressive, heartwarming, and charming.

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