Wisdom of King Solomon story for SSC and HSC

The wisdom of King Solomon is a common and important story for the exams of SSC and HSC. So, the examinees should put emphasis on reading and writing the story multiple times to acquire mastery of writing skills.

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Wisdom of King Solomon

Long ago there was a king in an ancient society. His name was King Solomon. He was the king of Jews. He was famous for his wisdom and intelligence………………………..

The queen of the kingdom of Sheba heard much about the wisdom of King Solomon. She wished to visit the court of King Solomon to test his intelligence and common sense.

So, the queen sent her messenger to the court of King Solomon informing him that she would like to visit the court of the king. The king cordially invited the queen of Sheba.

One day the queen of Sheba with a team of her courtiers reached the court of King Solomon. The king received the queen with due respect and dignity maintaining royal protocol.

The queen brought two garlands of flowers with her for the king. She kept the garlands on a table in front of the king. The queen brought the flowers to test the intelligence of the king. So, to evaluate the wisdom of the king she gave the king a simple test. One garland of the flower was natural and the other one was artificial. The queen requested the king to find out the real one.

Both the garlands looked the same. So, the king was in a fix to detect the real one. He was observing the flowers with rapt attention. But it was really difficult for him to differentiate between the real one and the artificial one.

In despair, he looked outside through the window. He saw some bees flying by the side of the window. Seeing this the king hit upon a plan. He ordered his soldiers to open the window. The soldiers opened the window. Instantly the bees entered the courtroom through the window. The bees flew over both the garlands of the flowers. At last, they sat on a garland. The king pointed to that garland as the garland of the real flowers.

The queen of Sheba was surprised at the wisdom and observation of the king. The intellect of the king fascinated her so much. She praised and saluted the king.

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