Describing graph chart of the choice of profession by different educated people:

Describing a graph of the choice of profession by different young and educated people is an important writing topic for the students of schools and colleges. So, the SSC and HSC examinees should know how to describe a graph of the choice of profession by different educated people to do well in their exams.

The graph description is also a mandatory writing topic in IELTS. So, IELTS examinees also should practice this graph description to get good scores in their tests.


The graph below shows the percentage of choice of profession by different educated young people. Now describe the graph in your own words. You should highlight and summarize the information given in the graph.

Graph of the choice of profession by educated people


The graph shows the choice of profession of educated people in Bangladesh in percentage.

From the graph, we can see that 20% of educated young people like agriculture as their profession. Though the economy of Bangladesh is based on agriculture only one-fifth of the total educated people want to be farmers. The government should find out the reason behind it. Why young and educated people are not willing to involve themselves in farming? Government initiatives and incentives can attract educated people to farming. If more and more educated people choose farming as their profession our socio-economic situation will be much more better than now. It will also contribute to increase our GDP.

We also can see from the graph that 30% of educated people want to be entrepreneurs. This is a good sign. Because if there are no entrepreneurs there will be no job opportunities. The entrepreneurs not only create employment for themselves but also provide jobs to others. Thus, the unemployment problem decreases and the economic condition of the society reaches at ease. We can divide entrepreneurs into different categories. Small, medium, and big entrepreneurs. The commercial banks provide SME loans for small and medium entrepreneurs. But to get loans from the bank is difficult. The banks should ease the terms and conditions for disbursing SME loans. The contribution of entrepreneurs is huge and excellent in our national economy.

The government job is the most lucrative profession for young educated people. That is why from the graph we can see that 40% of educated people like government jobs. There are also reasonable reasons behind their choice. The salary structure of government jobs is good. There are also other benefits in government jobs. Besides, there is job security. Moreover, after completing their service the government service holders get a pension. They also enjoy social dignity. For all these reasons educated people love to enter into government jobs.

Freelancing is a new trend among the young and educated people of Bangladesh. Freelancers work at their convenient time and place. They do not have a boss. Freelancing is self-employment. A freelancer requires just five things, a computer, internet, English language proficiency, skill of any online work, and consistency. The graph shows that 10% of educated people love freelancing. To be a successful freelancer some skills are needed. A freelancer must be good in English because his or her clients are foreigners. So, for communication knowing English is mandatory. He or she must have very good skills in a single online job that has a huge demand in the international freelancing marketplace. The skills are content writing, graphic design, video editing, etc.

In conclusion, we can say that from the graph we have got a clear idea about the choice of different professions of educated people.

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