Completing story about an idle or lazy king:

The story about an idle king is an important completing story for the examinees of SSC and HSC. So, students should read and write the story about an idle or lazy king frequently to get scores in the exam. This is also an educative story. The story teaches us that we should not be idle or lazy. Rather we should participate in different physical activities to be fit physically and mentally. Because only a fit person can lead a happy and healthy life.

Best wishes to the students.

A lazy king:

Once there was an idle king in an ancient kingdom. The king was passing his days without doing any physical labor. He was just passing his time gossipping with the member of the royal court and family, eating food, and sleeping. As a result, day by day he became bulky………………………….

As he was a king, he did not do any work. He was also lazy. So, he did not take part in any kind of games or sports. Even he did not walk to be fit physically.

He was a food lover. As a result, he used to eat a huge amount of food every day. He loved junk food. Through exercise, he could burn the fat and other harmful ingredients of the food. But because of his laziness, he did not play or walk. So, his body could not burn the fat and ultimately, he became fat.

Day by day the king became so bulky that he could not even move easily. The physical movement became difficult for him. He lost his physical fitness and mental happiness. And at one stage he became sick and bedridden.

The members of the royal family got seriously worried about the condition of the king. The king advised them to call the best doctor in the kingdom. They invited a famous and good doctor to examine the physical condition of the king.

The next day the doctor came and examined the king. The doctor had long experience in this field. So, from his knowledge and long experience, the doctor could realize the root of the problem of the king’s health. The doctor easily could realize that only for lack of physical activity the king became sick.

The doctor knew that by undergoing physical labor the king could regain his health and fitness. He advised the king that there was only one solution to get rid of the disease. The king requested the doctor to let him know the solution.

The doctor brought a club and told the king to move around the club in the air every morning and evening. The king was eager to be fit. So, the king followed the instruction of the doctor. The king was moving around the club every day according to the instruction of the doctor.

Everyone became surprised to see the improvement of the health of the king. Because just after one month the king became physically fit and mentally happy. The king thanked and rewarded the doctor. Now the king could realize the importance of physical labor and exercise.

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