Composition Childhood Memories

The composition of childhood memories is common and important in the syllabus of schools and colleges. So, Students of schools and colleges should know how to write a composition on childhood memories.

This is a model composition. By reading this composition students will get an idea of writing a composition on childhood memories of their own.

All the best.

(Composition-1): Childhood Memories

Childhood is the sweetest and most memorable period in a person’s life. Every man or woman has childhood memories. I also have some beautiful childhood memories. Whenever I recall my childhood memories, my heart fills with a different kind of joy.

I have grown up in a very lovely and loving family. We have four members in our family, my parents and one younger brother. I used to play with my younger brother and also with my cousins. I can still remember clearly the aroma of my grandmother’s pickles. My grandmother used to tell me to help her whenever she made pickles. I enjoyed helping her prepare so many things.

On holidays I along with my parents went out to visit different important and interesting places like the national zoo, museum, botanical garden, Lalbag fort, Ahsan Manjil, etc.

Childhood memories shape our personality and future. Those sweet memories remind us of the good and beautiful times. Childhood memories also remind us of our past experiences and mistakes that help us to improve ourselves.

I was born and brought up in the beautiful northern part of Dhaka which is known as Uttara. I used to play with my friends around our home. Our building is very near to the Airport. So, I enjoyed seeing the taking off and landing of the airplane.

There was a playground near our building. I used to play in the playground with my cousins and friends. I really miss those friends and days.

Everyone has their own childhood memories. Not all memories are the same. Some memories remind us of happiness and some memories remind our sadness. But my childhood was full of happiness.

The memory of my school days is really sweet. The campus of my school was awfully beautiful. I can still remember the loving faces of my teachers. The teachers were really caring to us. I can still remember the beautiful innocent faces of my childhood friends.

I have so many colorful childhood memories. So, I will never forget my golden past.

(Composition-2): Childhood Memories

People say old is gold. The secret behind this saying is the memory of the past. Irrespective of age, if we ask people what their fun memory is they undoubtedly would reply that the memory of their childhood.

As human beings, we can’t remember everything of our childhood. But certain sweet memories of our childhood get stuck forever in our subconscious mind. In my childhood, I did the sweetest and most memorable things of my life. My childhood was full of fun. That’s why the memory of my childhood is still fresh in my mind.

I was born and brought up in a small village in Gazipur. In our family, there were six members. My father, mother, grandma, and my two siblings. We lived in a simple tin shed house. Though my father was not rich and his financial earnings were not very high there was no shortage of happiness in our family. Our family was full of happiness and prosperity under my mother’s skillful management. She always took great care of every single member. She was the guide of our family and drove us in the right direction.

There was always a close bondage among the siblings. At times, we fought and quarreled but we had a good unity and love for one another. I can recall that when we were students at elementary school, we used to steal mangoes from our uncle’s mango tree. We were good at running so nobody could catch us.

I can still remember the sweet faces of my childhood friends. Because of the cruel reality of livelihood, they are now far away from me. We used to go fishing almost every day in the small river close to our village. Swimming in the river of our village was an everyday task in my childhood. Playing football in the playground of our school was our daily routine. My mother scolded and beat me innumerable times for reaching home late. Those rebukes of my mother are now my sweet memory.

Like everyone else the childhood memory of my getting admission to the elementary school will remain ever fresh in my mind. I got scared when my parents took me to the headteacher’s room. But the sweet words of the headteacher put me at ease. He asked me some simple questions. I could answer them all. He took me to my class and introduced me to the class teacher and students. After a few days, I was quite fine and made some new friends.

All the events of my childhood shaped me into who I am today. Every time I open the box of sweet memories of my childhood my heart is filled with joy. Those days were so simple and joyful. I wish I were a child again.

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