Composition My Future Plan of Life for SSC

The composition of My Future Plan of Life is important for the students of schools and colleges. Students have their plans and dreams to serve their families as well as the nation. To materialize their dreams the students plan for the future and work accordingly.

The writer has written the composition using easy English so that students can feel comfortable reading the composition and can easily understand the content of the composition.

Best wishes to the students.

(Composition-1): My Future Plan of Life

I am a student of science in class ten. My future plan of life is to be a software engineer. I want to be a software engineer in the future because I want to do something for my country through information technology. For that, I’ve chosen science as my subject. Without a science background, I will not be able to achieve my goal.

After my SSC examination, I will try to get admitted to a college where both theoretical and practical classes are emphasized equally on the subjects of physics, chemistry, and biology. To build a strong foundation, studies at college will greatly help me.

My dream is to study B. Sc in CSE from any renowned university of engineering and technology like BUET, CUET, RUET, or KUET. After college, I will try to be a student at one of these universities. My second option will be private universities. Right now the quality of education in some private universities is praiseworthy and world class.

After finishing my university studies, I want to go abroad and study at a foreign university. I have to take part in IELTS or TOEFL for that. After completing my M. Sc abroad, I will enroll myself as a Ph.D. student. And then, I will come back to my country and start my IT farm.

Our country has a lot of deserving pupils. However, due to their lack of knowledge and skill, they cannot serve the nation. So, I will train the youth and help the unskilled manpower to turn themselves into skilled manpower in the IT sector.

I will also launch an application that will be beneficial for the mass people. As the IT sectors have many scopes, I will try to make apps for farmers and students.

For farmers, I would like to create an app that would help them keep records of their crop production, and also the calculation of profit or loss in their farming. I will also set up a call center for the farmers to support them in using the app effectively.

I would like to create two types of apps for students. One will be the collection of all the NCTB books and other books necessary for the students from elementary level to higher secondary level. All the books will be in e-book or pdf format or in both formats. Another app for getting notices, results, and homework from educational institutes. If convenient, the two apps will be merged to make a single application.

If my apps become successful, I hope, I will be able to serve farmers and students the two major groups of our nation. So, I would like to be an engineer to serve my nation.

(Composition-2): My Future Plan of Life

Every student has his or her future plan of life or aim in life. Students have dreams. To materialize their dream, they study and work hard. I am a student. So, I also have an aim in life.

From my boyhood, my dream is to be a doctor. I believe the contribution of a doctor to people is truly great. The profession of a physician is one of the greatest professions in the world. Because a doctor is the last hope of an ailing person.

Now I am a student of class nine. To study MBBS I have chosen the science group. I put emphasis on all the subjects. But I put more emphasis on Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Math. As I know getting a chance to be a student of medical college is tough and highly competitive so I study hard.

My target is to make a good result in the SSC exam. Because without good results in SSC, I won’t be able to be a student in a good college. That’s why I utilize every single moment to study and to make a good result in SSC.

Taking admission to a college, I will emphasize being on the right track to implement my future plan of life. So, from the beginning without wasting time I will start reading textbooks. Besides reading other subjects I will put more importance on Biology. I will also be regular in college so that I won’t miss the important lectures of my teachers. My target is to get an A+ in the HSC exam.

After completing my HSC exam, I will start taking preparation for the medical college admission test. I hope I will get a chance to study in a medical college. After getting admitted I will put emphasis on study. I will study hard so that I can be a good doctor.

After completing my MBBS I will go back to my village where people are deprived of proper medical treatment. I will also set up a dispensary to give people medical treatment. My mother has advised me not to take money from the poverty-stricken people. So, I will not take money from the poor people. I will give them medical treatment free of cost. If possible, I will also provide them with medicine without money.

There will not be any fixed amount of money for prescriptions or treatment for the well-off people. It will be up to the villagers. They will pay according to their ability. But not more than 50 taka.

I am hopeful of materializing my dream in the future. To see my future plan of life in reality I am working hard.

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