Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh Composition

The composition Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh is an important writing topic for the students of schools and colleges. The SSC and HSC examinees should know details about the unemployment problem in Bangladesh so that they can write a factual and instructive composition on the issue.

The unemployment problem in Bangladesh is also one of the prime writing contents in the competitive job exams.

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(Composition-1): Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh

Unemployment is surely a serious problem all over the world. But over the last few years, unemployment has become a great threat to our country.  Bangladesh is a developing country. Because of unemployment, our national economy is facing a great problem. As a result, our economy cannot thrive as expected.

There are so many reasons behind unemployment in our country. Such as the rapid growth of the population, lack of proper education, lack of different facilities for people, etc. 

Moreover, as there is overpopulation in our country, the majority of the people remain unemployed. Despite having the proper education and knowledge young people do not get jobs as there are fewer opportunities for employment in Bangladesh.

Due to unemployment, not only the unemployed person suffers but also the national economy of the country suffers. Because of unemployment people often get involved in different criminal activities. And thus the crime rate also increases. 

Besides, due to the unemployment of the parents, their children also don’t get the required facilities needed for them, such as education, medical treatment, clothing, nutritious food, etc.

Unemployment also causes people to become easily frustrated with their life and the result is mental and physical illness. Moreover, so many people become upset about their lives. The unemployed person is vulnerable to drug addiction.

Our government should find a way to reduce the rate of unemployment. Though it is a matter of time to eradicate it fully. Otherwise, the unemployed person and the whole nation will suffer tremendously. Due to unemployment, our country is lagging behind in every sector. Unemployment is a curse for a nation.

Free education is available in our country but the number of schools is not enough. Free means only tuition fee is free. But there are so many other expenses for a student to continue studying. Because of unemployment, families can not bear the expenses of education. Moreover, if the number of mills and factories increases there will be more scope for employment and more children will have the scope to receive education.

Another way that is very effective in this modern world is to create self-employment. And it has now become very easy due to the advancement of technology and modern science. By using the internet we can create self-employment. But this self-employment requires training and a computer. The government can provide world-class IT training free of cost and also can provide computers from the government fund to unemployed people. This could be a great initiative to create a huge opportunity for self-employment.

The government should introduce technical education in every single school and college. There is a huge demand for technically skilled people at home and abroad. So, if our education system can create technically skilled manpower there will be no unemployment in the country.

Commercial banks can disburse loans on easy terms among unemployed youth to be entrepreneurs to remove unemployment. Successful entrepreneurs will create job opportunities for other people.

Today’s youth are the future of a country. So, if the government guides them properly the young people will find a way to create jobs not only for themselves but also for others. Thus Bangladesh will be a happy and prosperous country by eradicating the curse of unemployment.

We all know that it will not be an easy task to solve the problem of unemployment in our country overnight. But if everyone comes together with the help of the government and creates new opportunities and facilities for the people then surely it will not be impossible for Bangladesh to get rid of unemployment. We are optimistic that in the near future, Bangladesh will be a country of zero unemployment.

(Composition-2): Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a small country with many problems ongoing. However, one problem that is undoubtedly obstructing the growth of not only the economy but also the country as a whole is unemployment.

To define unemployment, we can say that if a person is not involved in any activity to earn money is unemployment. Unemployed people do not have work to meet the expenses of their everyday needs. With the growing population in the world, the matter is noticeable in many countries. However, the effect of it is undoubtedly one of the worst in Bangladesh as the country is overpopulated compared to its area.

The main reason for unemployment in Bangladesh is more people are seeking jobs than the vacant post of jobs. Another reason for not getting a job is they do not have the desired skills for a particular job. They lack special training for special jobs. A special skillset is mandatory for most jobs.

The use of technology is on the rise in every sector. To work in such a sector someone has to be good at technology. On the contrary, technology is replacing manpower with machines. A machine can accomplish the task of a hundred people. Consequently, the mills and factories are inclining towards machine-based production to save the cost of human workers. Thus, unemployment is rising.

Even though Bangladesh is an agricultural country the production of crops is affected due to natural disasters. So, losing their capital some of them are becoming unemployed. Young unemployed people cannot become farmers because of the shortage of land and money.

Unemployment is causing social instability and various types of crime are taking place. Stealing, robbery, kidnapping for ransom, drug dealing, etc. are some unlawful acts unemployed people involve. Because of frustration and failure, many unemployed people start taking drugs which creates a more deplorable situation for him and his family.

Over the years we are just passing time by merely discussing the cause and effects of unemployment. But this is high time for us to focus on the short-term and long-term solutions to this crucial issue.

There should be a team of highly experienced visionary people to chalk out a pragmatic national action plan to eliminate unemployment. For sustainable development, we must get rid of the unemployment problem. The government can train unemployed youth to develop their skills so that they get jobs at home and abroad. The government also can disburse small loans to small and medium entrepreneurs.

To establish a happy, stable, and prosperous society we must create the opportunity for employment for our unemployed brothers and sisters.

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