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The composition of wonders of modern science is an important writing content for the students of schools and colleges. The SSC and HSC examinees should know well about the wonders of science to write an informative composition in their answer scripts.

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(Composition-1): Wonders of Modern Science

This is the age of science. Without science, we can’t think of our existence. Science has made our lives easy. Science has a great contribution to making our lives comfortable. So, we can say that we sleep on the lap of science. From waking up sleep to going to sleep, we feel the presence of science. 

The first wonder of modern science is electricity. Electricity has brought about a revolutionary change in our lives. Moreover, all scientific technologies depend on electricity.

All our household electric appliances like fans, air conditioners, lights, refrigerators, washing machines, blenders, etc. use electricity. Electric cars and trains also use electricity. Machines of mills and factories cannot run without electricity.

The wheel is one of the most important inventions and is a great wonder of science. With the invention of the wheel, our civilization has started moving fast toward modernization. Modern people move fast with the help of the wheel.

Science has conquered the distance. Modern vehicles are great wonders of modern science. We can travel a long distance within a short time with the help of bus, car, train, airplane, etc.

The pen is also a wonder of science. Since the invention of the pen human being is becoming more enlightened and modern. The pen of a specialist plays a great role in spreading knowledge among the people. The pen is a great invention and a wonder of modern science.

The radio is another invention of modern science. Through the radio, we can hear news or music without wires.

Television is a wonderful gift of modern science. TV helps us to hear sounds and see pictures.

In the medical field, science has made great improvements. X-ray, ECG, and Penicillin are also great inventions of medical science. 

Modern science has contributed a lot to the field of agriculture. The invention of the tractor, insecticides, fertilizers, etc is contributing a lot to increasing agricultural production.

The computer is another wonder of modern science. Through a computer, we can do a lot of work within a short time.

Artificial Intelligence or AI is another wonder of modern science. If the instruction or program is properly set there is a little or zero chance of making mistakes by AI. So, AI can be applied to eliminate human error in different sectors.

The submarine is also a great wonder of modern science. Submarine helps the Navy to fight against an enemy from an unknown place remaining under seawater. 

The satellite is another wonder of modern science. Satellites help us to broadcast TV programs and to collect information about different places.

The Internet is a great invention of modern science. Through the internet, we can get information about the whole world easily. Email helps us to send mail to anybody and receive mail from anybody within a moment. 

The airplane is an excellent invention of modern science. An airplane uses airspace to travel from one place to another. As a result, by airplane, we can go a long distance within a short time.

The mobile phone is the latest invention of modern science. It helps us to talk to people all over the world easily. We also can send and receive messages through a mobile phone. With the help of smartphones, we also can browse the internet.

Space technology, submarines, nuclear energy, artificial intelligence, robotics technology, gene technology, vaccines, etc. are some other wonderful inventions of modern science.

The wonders of science can’t be described in short. We can’t pass a single day without the help of modern science.

(Composition-2): Wonders of Modern Science

With the blessings of science now we live in a global village. The industrial revolution is also the contribution of science. Urbanization, and human civilization all are the contributions of science. We are now living an effortless and comfortable life because of science. Science has impacted every sphere of our life.

We are in an age where communicating with one another is just a tap on a device. With the advent of the internet and advanced tele-facilities, telecommunication has been easier than ever before. From personal life to conducting business overseas, telecommunication saves time and cost.

Another wonder of modern science is the state-of-the-art improvement of medicine and medical treatment. Fighting diseases that were once considered tough and a struggle of life and death is now just a few medicines away from healing. Besides, it’s been possible to provide the right treatment to the patients because of the modern way of diagnosis which has given many a second life to live.

Without a little doubt or argument, the computer is the greatest wonder science has presented to us. It has changed the way we think and look at the world. Now, computers can do millions of calculations within seconds. From playing games to making 3D designs, composing music, writing books, and editing audio videos almost everything is easily solvable through a computer. It has made the daily tasks of human lives more effortless.

Modern science also has shown its amazing achievement and wonder in transportation. Nowadays people can travel from one place to another easily and comfortably by using a bus, car, train, airplane, etc.

There is a common concept that to receive quality education we have to live in big cities. But science has altered this idea. Science has made quality education available even to the person who lives in a remote village through the internet. A student can learn and get certified from top-notch universities by studying online while staying at home. People also can take part in online skill development courses easily. This is another wonder of science.

There is a popular saying that “Every coin has two sides” and science is not different from this. The inventors invent technology for the welfare of people. But there are some mischievous people in our society who turn the gift of science into a curse for us. For example, using firearms to commit crimes, document hacking, violation of privacy using technology, online deception, etc.

To sum up the write-up about the wonders of modern science we must say that science has made many wonderful inventions for the welfare of human beings. As the users of technology, this is our responsibility to use the inventions of modern science for the greater benefit of human beings.

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