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(Composition-1): Importance of Female Education

Education is one of the fundamental rights of a human being. It is often compared to light because the rays of education can change and illuminate our surroundings. Education has been changing and illuminating human civilization extensively since the beginning of the practice of knowledge. It is through education that society and civilization have come this far.

Education has played a major role in developing every nation which has become an economic and technological superpower. From China to the USA, all the advanced countries have given more importance to education in making their people educated. They did not differentiate between males and females in spreading the light of education.

A country can never go ahead by keeping half of the population in the darkness. As women comprise half of our total population, it would be completely impossible to succeed in the economy and technology without giving them equal opportunities in education as men.

The backdated idea of women being confined to the work of the kitchen can be the sole reason why countries like Bangladesh aren’t able to do much to solve their primary problems. The women of the developed countries play their respective domestic roles appropriately alongside their jobs or business outside. Similarly, the working women in Bangladesh are also making a unique mark of their talent and skills inside and outside the home. Education is the first requirement for a woman to discharge proper duty both at home and office.

Female education rate is closely related to the economic growth of a country. With an example, we can get a clear idea of the relationship between female education and economic development. The economic growth rate in Bangladesh in 2023 was 6%. Whereas the economic growth rate in Pakistan in 2023 was 4%. According to a recent survey, 25% of Pakistani women work in the production and service sector. On the contrary, almost 40% of Bangladeshi women work in the production and service sector.

Among many factors of economic growth, the participation of women in economic activities is one of the important factors to enhance the economic growth of a country. The female education rate plays a huge role in this difference in economic growth of the two countries. Because education plays a special role in women’s participation in economic activities. In 2023, the female literacy rate in Pakistan was 49% and it was 73% in Bangladesh.

There is no doubt that the conventional roles of women are undeniably important. Mother is a child’s first and most important guide and mentor from birth to a certain age. Most of the responsibilities lie with the mother to bring up a child. She also provides her kids with the necessary childhood education that shapes the future of a human being. An educated mother can offer the nation a true leader in the future.

Not only that, women should be given the sweet opportunity to take on a professional role in society alongside the traditional role of housewife. There should be ample opportunity for women to receive higher and technological education. The thinking that men play the most important role in the development of the economy is nothing but a myth. This notion deprives millions of women of playing a role in boosting the economy of a country. Thus, a country falls behind in coping with the global challenges.

Now this modern era is the best time to inspire females and males to change their ideas on female education. It is a good side that primary education in Bangladesh is already compulsory for all. But to keep pace with the time education at least up to the secondary level should be made compulsory and fully funded by the state. To spread girls’ education more stipends should be given.

Education liberates women financially and helps them to live in society with honor and dignity. However, we should not encourage female education only to liberate them financially. Rather we should think that it is a basic need of a girl just like food, clothes, and housing. Moreover, people in the society should not think that education is a privilege for women rather it is a human right for them.

(Composition-2): Importance of Female Education

Since the independence of Bangladesh, the government has been trying to increase the rate of female education. Because almost 50% of the total population are women in our country. A country cannot thrive keeping half of the population away from education. That’s why our government has been emphasizing to educate women.

Everyone irrespective of male or female should work hand in hand to make a country successful. So, every single person whether male or female should be educated. Because we know education makes people more efficient in performing their respective tasks. That’s why female education is important.

A few decades ago, women were considered only as housewives. A large number of women did not or could not receive education. Even though they were eager to receive formal education, their family and society did not allow the females to receive institutional education.

With the change of times in this modern world now we all understand the necessity of female education. A newborn child starts learning from the mother. If the mother is not educated, it becomes difficult to make her child educated.

An educated woman is good at home science. She knows well how to bring up a child. She takes care of her family with considerable efficiency. On the other hand, an uneducated woman is not only a burden to her family but also to society. A life without education is a life of curse. The positive contribution of an uneducated woman is very rare to society and the family.

There are some barriers for girls to be educated. The main obstacle for girls to receive education is child marriage. Poverty, superstitions, and unwillingness to educate girls are some other obstacles.

Nowadays, because of economic inflation and price hikes of essential products, it is difficult to run a family smoothly with the income of a single person. An educated woman can do something to increase income for her family. Because without education a woman cannot get a good job and a decent salary.

To make a family happy and prosperous, family planning and economic planning are important. An uneducated woman does not know the importance of birth control and economic planning to prosper in the long run. So, a woman must be educated for the greater interest of the country.

In conclusion, we can say that as Bangladesh is a developing country, female education is absolutely important for the rapid and sustainable development of our country. We can hope to see light at the end of the tunnel because our government has taken various effective steps to educate the female folk of Bangladesh.

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