Describe a chart of sources of air pollution in a city:

Describing a chart of sources of air pollution in a city is important for the students of schools and colleges. So, students should know how to describe the chart well to get good marks in their exams.

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The chart below shows the sources of air pollution in a city. Describe the chart in your own words.

Sources of air pollution

The pie chart indicates different sources of air pollution in a city.

The highest source of air pollution is vehicles. Vehicles produce different types of toxic gases and emit those gases in the air. These gases pollute the air of a city severely. From the pie chart, we can see that vehicles in the city pollute 60% of the city’s air.

The second highest pollutant is industry. We know that industries produce a huge quantity of toxic gases and these gases pollute the air. According to the data given in the chart, we can see that industry is responsible for 18% of air pollution in the city.

The power plant produces power for a city. To produce power a power plant requires different types of fuel such as fossil oil, coal, gas, etc. As a result, a power plant emits a huge volume of toxic gases. And the ultimate result is air pollution. The data of the chart indicates that the power plant of the city causes 13% of air pollution.

Air conditioning is responsible for 6% of the air pollution in the city. A seriously harmful gas CFC is produced by the air conditioner.

The minimum air pollutant is waste disposal according to the data of the chart. Waste disposal pollutes 3% of the city’s air.

So, from the chart, we can see that among all the five sources of pollution vehicles are the highest air pollutant in the city. On the other hand, waste disposal is the minimum air pollutant.

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