Story of a dog and a piece of meat

A dog and a piece of meat is an important story for the examinees of SSC and HSC. The writer has written the story using simple English. As a result, the story is easy to understand even for elementary-level students. The story has a good moral lesson for all of us.

More and more practice will help students to write the story with zero grammatical and spelling errors.

Best wishes to the students.

A Greedy Dog

Completing a story is an important writing topic for the students of schools and colleges. A few sentences from the beginning of a story are given in the question paper. Students have to complete writing the full story in short. To do well in story writing students must develop their writing skills. More and more reading and writing can help students improve their writing skills.

(Story-1): Story of a dog and a piece of meat

Once there lived a dog in a village. One day the dog stole a piece of meat from the shop of a butcher near his area. ……………………………….. Stealing the piece of meat the dog ran toward his area. The dog was holding the piece of meat in his mouth. He was in a happy mood to have a big piece of meat. He was thinking that he could have a good meal with the piece of the stolen meat.

On the way to his area, there was a small river. And there was a wooden bridge over the river. The dog was crossing the river using the bridge. While the dog was crossing the bridge he looked down at the river water. The river water was crystal clear. Everything was reflected in the river water. The dog saw another dog in the river water with a piece of meat in its mouth. It was the reflection or shadow of his own body.

The dog thought that if he could have that piece of meat he would have two big pieces of meat. With the two pieces of meat, he would have a good lunch. He decided to have that piece of meat. He shouted to frighten the dog in the river water. As soon as he opened his mouth to bark the piece of meat fell in the river water from his mouth. There was a light current in the river water. The piece of meat went away with the flow of river water from his eyesight. The dog was in a fix in the contingency of events. The greedy dog became astonished at the incident. Because of his greed, he lost his only piece of meat. Now he could realize his stupidity.

The moral of the story: Greed brings disaster.

(Story-2): A greedy dog and a piece of meat

Long ago there lived a greedy dog in a village market. There was a butcher shop in the market. One day the dog stole a piece of meat from the butcher shop………………..

The dog was hungry. So, he became very happy having the piece of meat. He thought that he should go to a lonely place to eat the meat. By the side of the market, there was a small river. There was also a narrow bridge over the river.

The dog decided to cross the river to have his meal with the meat at ease. So, he started walking towards the bridge to cross the river. The river water was clean and clear. Everything could be seen through the water.

When the dog was crossing the river over the narrow bridge he looked down to the water. He was surprised to see another dog in the water. And there was a piece of meat on the mouth of that dog. It was the shadow of the real dog. But the real dog thought the shadow was a real one and wanted to have the meat of that dog. As he was a greedy dog he was tempted to have that piece of meat which was a shadow of his stolen meat.

The dog was thinking about how to get that piece of meat. All of a sudden, he hit upon a plan. He thought if he could make that dog in the water frightened, he easily could have the meat. So, he started barking to make his reflected image scared. As soon as he opened his mouth to shout, the piece of meat fell from his mouth into the river water.

As the river water was clean and there was a current in the river the piece of meat was washed away instantly. The dog looked down to the water from the bridge and saw the meat was no more there.

The greedy dog could realize his foolishness and was standing on the bridge in a sorry mood.

Moral of the story: Grasp all, lose all.

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