Story of King Midas for SSC and HSC:

King Midas is an important completing story for the examinees of SSC and HSC. The story has a great moral lesson. It teaches us that greed brings disaster and we should not be greedy. Rather we should lead a simple and normal life.

Read the beginning of a story. Now complete the story in your own words.

Once there was a wealthy and powerful King. His name was Midas. Though he had a lot of wealth he wanted to have more wealth…………………….

 He had so much greed for wealth and gold. Though the king had a huge amount of gold he wanted to have more and more gold. He wished to have the power of the golden touch. Golden touch is such a power that can help a person to transform any metal or non-metal object into gold. He prayed to the almighty god to give him the power of the golden touch.

The god laughed at his prayer. The almighty god granted his prayer and gave him power. After getting the power of the golden touch King Midas thanked the god. He went to his flower garden. As soon as he touched a rose it became gold. King Midas became so excited and happy having the power of the golden touch.

The king entered the palace happily. Seeing her little daughter, he went near to her. No sooner had he taken her daughter in his lap than the baby girl turned into a statue of gold. He became astonished. The king got frightened by the incident. He put his daughter on the ground. But she did not become a human baby. She remained a statue of gold.

The king could realize his foolishness. He could realize that he had got a dangerous power that is destructive and not good for a human being. The mighty started crying. He prayed to the god to take away that awfully dangerous power of the golden touch. Because he got such a power that was unwanted and unsafe for him. God again granted his prayer and took away the power from him.

His daughter again came into her life. He was crying taking his daughter in his lap. The king finally could realize that greed brings disaster. King Midas promised that he would remain happy and satisfied with what he had.

Moral of the story: Greed brings disaster.

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