Story of A Greedy Farmer for SSC and HSC

The story of a greedy farmer is a popular story among the general mass. The story has a good moral lesson. The lesson is we should be happy with what we have. We should not have greed to have more. Because our greed may bring disaster for us.

The story of a greedy farmer has portrayed the worst result of greed in an excellent way. We can learn the moral lesson, grasp all, lose all from this story.

The story is important for the students of schools and colleges. So, students should read and write the story several times to get good marks in their exams.

A Greedy Farmer:

Once there lived a poor farmer in a village with his wife. They had no children. But they had a wonderful goose. The farmer and the wife of the farmer took care of the goose. They used to feed the goose enough food.

One day the goose laid an egg. Both the husband and wife became happy. But they noticed that the egg was not a normal egg like the eggs of other geese. They carefully examined the egg and became sure that the egg was not a natural one. The colour of the eggshell was golden. It seemed to them the egg was a golden egg.

To be sure whether the egg was a golden egg or not they decided to take the egg to a goldsmith. There lived a goldsmith in the same village. On that very day, they took the egg to the goldsmith. After examining the egg, the goldsmith confirmed that the egg was an egg of gold.

The goldsmith told them to sell the egg of the gold to him. The farmer and his wife left the house of the goldsmith telling him that they would inform him later.

Coming back home the farmer and his wife discussed the detail what to do about the egg. They were passing their days with much hardship because of poverty. So, they decided to sell the egg to bring solvency to their family.

According to the decision they took the egg to the goldsmith to sell. The goldsmith became delighted because he could buy the egg of the gold at a lower price. The farmer and his wife also became delighted because got a huge amount of money by selling the egg.

They became utmost surprised because the goose laid another egg of gold the next day. The farmer took the egg to the goldsmith and got a lot much money. The farmer couple was planning about how to spend this huge some of money. They were planning to make a building. But for this, they need more money.

The greedy farmer thought that there were more eggs inside the belly of the goose. So, if he killed the goose, he would get all the eggs at a time.

He told his wife that he would kill the goose for more eggs. His wife was intelligent. She forbade the farmer to do so. But the farmer did not pay heed to her.

He slaughtered the goose with a knife. Cutting the belly of the goose the farmer became astonished. Because there were no eggs. The farmer started crying. He could realize his fault. He got hands-on results of his greed.

Moral of the story: Grasp all, lose all.

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