Paragraph on Traffic police for SSC and HSC exams:

Traffic police is a special unit of the police department. The police department of every single country consists of several units to serve different purposes. Traffic police are one of them. The traffic police is an important and useful unit of the police.

The role of traffic police is to oversee and control traffic on the street. He maintains discipline in the street. By raising his hand, he gives a signal to the drivers to stop. Instantly the vehicles come to a standstill. He then waves his hand to move the traffic in another direction to move. In this way, a traffic police maintains traffic on the street. The duty of traffic police is very important and useful for us.

The job of traffic police is hard and tiresome. He always performs his job standing at the crossing of the street whether it is a rainy day or a sunny day. He keeps a white umbrella in his hand to protect him from rain and sun. The color of the umbrella is white. Because white color reflects the heat of the sun and saves traffic police from the scorching heat.

Sometimes they check the legality of the papers of the vehicles. They also check the fitness of the vehicles. The traffic police also check the driving license of the drivers. If they find anything wrong, they sue the driver or the vehicle. Thus, the traffic police ensure road safety for us.

The traffic police also help children, women, and elderly people to cross the road. They are really the best friend of the people. The traffic police even cannot drink water while discharging duties. They are sincere and hardworking. Because of their hard work and sincerity, we feel safe on the street. Though they play a great role their salary is not good enough.

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