Paragraph A Street Hawker for SSC

A Street Hawker is an important paragraph for the students of schools and colleges. The writer of this paragraph has written the paragraph in such a way so that the students can easily understand the paragraph. The writer has used simple and easy English to write the paragraph, Street Hawker.

By reading the paragraph the students will be able to answer the following questions:

  • Who is a Street Hawker?
  • What does he do?
  • What things does he sell?
  • How much profit does he make by selling his products?
  • How is his lifestyle?
  • What type of man he is?

(Paragraph-1): A Street Hawker

A street hawker is a small businessman. A street hawker is a common and familiar person in our society. He is seen everywhere. Street hawkers are also seen in towns, cities, bus stations, railway stations, and even in villages.

He sells toys, books, vegetables, fruits, onions, garlic, cosmetics, sweets, chocolates, ice cream, chanachur, clothing, fancy goods, newspapers, crockeries, and whatnot. Some street hawkers carry their things in their hands and some others use two or three-wheelers (vans) to carry their products.

A street hawker is very intelligent. Besides, he knows well how to convince a customer. A street hawker also knows very well how to draw the attention of people. He shouts in an attractive voice by uttering the names of the things he sells.

Most of the things he sells are cheap. A street hawker is a part and parcel of our society. Though he works hard from dawn to dusk he is not well off and leads a very miserable life.

(Paragraph-2): A Street Hawker

The person who sells different types of products on the streets or footpaths is called a street hawker. He does not sell expensive products. Generally, he sells cheap products or products that people can buy with a small amount of money.

His product selection is important. He chooses such products to sell that are useful for the people. Whenever people see that the products of the street hawker are useful and cheap, they buy those things without thinking a lot. This is the main strategy of the business of a street hawker. Another important strategy for selling his products is his way of convincing people.

Generally, a street hawker is a good speaker. So, he can make people understand the usefulness of his products easily. Hearing his sweet and convincing words people buy his products. The life of a street hawker is challenging. He does not lead a smooth and comfortable life.

He does not have a fixed and legal spot to sell his products. To sell his products in a place he has to pay money to the local influential people. This is a huge loss for him. Middle-class and lower-middle-class people are the main customers of street hawkers.

The low-cost products of a street hawker are a great benefit for lower-income people. Because people can buy their necessary things by spending a small amount of money. So, a street hawker is doing something good for society.

We all should behave well and respect street hawkers. The government also should make a master plan to help the street hawkers in all possible ways.

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