Paragraph on Dowry System for SSC and HSC:

Dowry System is a prime paragraph for SSC and HSC exams. Dowry is a bad practice in society from time immemorial. Anarchy and unrest prevail in the society and in the family because of the dowry system. We all should be conscious and stand against this hateful tradition.

Paragraph on Dowry System for HSC:

To discuss on dowry system first we have to understand what dowry is. The dowry is an amount of money or any kind of property that is given to a husband or the family of the husband by the bride or the parents of the bride in marriage.

Whenever it becomes a common practice in a society, we call it a dowry system. The Dowry system is always a contemptible tradition. In our society taking money from the parents of the bride in the name of marriage has been a long-time practice. This is awfully shameful and gruesome act.

Some people who support this bad practice show some pretext in favor of the dowry system. They show logic in favor of dowry by naming it a gift. Sometimes they argue that it is not dowry rather it is a sign of love.

Lower-income people face the worst reality of dowry. Collecting money or goods like furniture for dowry becomes so difficult for them. To marry off their beloved daughter they collect money from local NGOs or rich people in return for high interest.

The Dowry system is a social disorder in our country. Even the rich and educated people cannot come out of this bad practice. The greedy people compel the parents of the bride to give them money as dowry.

The solution to this evil system is not easy. Already there is strict law (The Dowry Prohibition Act, 1980) against dowry. But it is difficult to enforce the law because of various reasons. There should be a mass campaign against this heinous system by the government and the influential people of the society.

Women can get rid of this hateful system through proper education and financial solvency. Proper education will also make the men conscious of not taking dowry at the time of marriage.

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