Composition on Climate Change

Climate change is a much-talked topic in recent years. Therefore climate change is an important composition for the students of schools and colleges. Climate change is an important essay for competitive exams for job seekers. So, everyone should read the composition.

After reading the composition the readers will be familiar with the following effects of climate change:

  • Cause and effect of climate change.
  • Relation between climate change and global warming.
  • Impacts of climate change.
  • Deforestation and climate change go hand in hand.
  • Ways to prevent climate change.

(Composition-1): Climate Change

Today the hottest topic around the world is climate change. Climate change is threatening lives on Earth. The results of climate change are awfully dangerous. Climate change results in an adverse change in the environment and a negative impact on living beings.

Over the last couple of decades, Earth has become warmer because of climate change. The most important impact of climate change is global warming.

Global warming leads to various changes in the Earth. For example, the rise of sea level, excessive rainfall, no rain or drought, sudden floods in different areas, melting ice, frequent fluctuations of temperature, changes in seasons, etc.

There are so many reasons for global warming which cause the climate to change. Such as deforestation, burning of fossil fuels, emission of carbon, and many other activities.

The temperature of the earth is increasing alarmingly and that’s why the sea level is rising and people living at the seashore are in danger. Because of the emission of carbon, the ozone layer is getting destroyed. And as a result, UV rays are directly entering the earth which is very much harmful to people.

We need to prevent global warming to lead a peaceful and happy life. The government and people from all walks of life should plant more and more trees. The emission of carbon should be reduced. The most important is, that we should look for an alternative to fossil fuels. If we cannot control climate change and global warming, the end is near.

(Composition-2): Climate Change

The word climate change is a repeatedly pronounced word nowadays. Climate change has been a hot topic worldwide for the last couple of years.

Climate change refers to the adverse effects of climate. Among many other dire effects of climate change global warming is a common effect and known to all.

The mass extinction of different species of plants and animals is a terrible effect of climate change. If this alarming effect of climate change continues the biodiversity of the world will face disaster very soon. Our dear world will peril.

Unusual fluctuations of temperature, extreme hot or cold weather, sudden rain, flash floods, landslides, etc. all are the consequences of climate change. Climate change is worsening the environment faster than the predictions of the scientists.

Climate change is not only endangering the lives of plants and animals but also the lives of human beings. Because of rough and abnormal weather farmers are not getting their desired crops. As a result, the world is facing severe food shortages. The ultimate result of food shortage is a price hike of essential food products. The abnormal rise of the price of food products has now become an acute problem worldwide.

The most disappointing outcome of climate change is that the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere is decreasing. On the contrary, the volume of harmful gases such as sulfur, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, etc. is increasing. The main reason behind the increase of these gases is the burning of fossil fuel, the smoke of vehicles and factories, and even home appliances like refrigerators.

These gases are contributing a lot to shoot up the temperature of the earth. Because of this high temperature, the polar ice is melting fast. As a result, the sea level is rising gradually. The scientists fear that if it continues the low-lying areas of the coastal belt will submerge soon. And the residents of those areas will lose their habitat.

These harmful gases are also creating cracks in the ozone layer. The ozone layer of the atmosphere protects our earth by preventing ultraviolet rays of the sun from entering into the atmosphere of the earth. Through the loopholes of the ozone layer ultraviolet rays are entering the earth. The ultraviolet rays result in an extreme rise in temperature.

In this situation, to save our dear world the leaders of the world should chalk out effective plans. Because it is a global problem. A single country can’t solve this massive issue. All the countries of the world irrespective of developed or developing should work shoulder-to-shoulder to lessen carbon emissions to avert climate change.

As a conscious individual, we all can plant more and more trees. Because we know trees play a role in keeping the temperature at a tolerable level. Moreover, trees maintain the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the environment by producing oxygen through photosynthesis.

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