Write a letter to your friend narrating the scenic beauty of Sundarbans

Writing a letter to your friend narrating the scenic beauty of Sundarbans is an important informal letter for the students of HSC. So, HSC examinees should practice writing a letter to their friend describing the natural beauty of the famous mangrove forest Sundarban. Practice will make them perfect and help to get good scores in their exam.

Write a letter to your friend describing the natural beauty of Sundarbans

Suppose you are Safa. Recently you have been to Sundarbans. Now write a letter to your friend about the scenic beauty of Sundarbans.


January 07, 2024

Uttara, Dhaka

Dear Nilima,

I am happy to share the experience of my Sundarbans trip here in this letter. It was a family trip. The members of our family and some of our relatives went on a one-day travel to visit the Sundarbans. We were fifteen in number.

Our tour operator hired a minibus to go to Mongla. On December 27 we made our journey from Uttara to Mongla. At 10.00 PM our bus started moving towards Mongla town. It was early morning when our minibus reached Mongla town.

To visit Sundarbans, you have to take permission from the Bangladesh Forest Department. Those who want to travel to Sundarbans must take prior permission from the forest department by paying a fee fixed by the government. To avert all these hassles, we have given a tour operator the responsibility of managing everything on our Sundarbans tour.

Reaching Mongla launch ghat our tour operator hired a medium-sized water vessel for our trip. Boarding on the water vessel we washed our hands and face to freshen up. Then we had our breakfast. Food was included in our tour package. Our tour guide Mr. Masum was very efficient and experienced in his profession. So, we didn’t have any problem.

At 8.00 AM our water vessel started to cruise through the Pashur River towards the Karamjal Eco Tourism Center of Sundarbans. It is just eight kilometers away from Mongla town. After forty to forty-five minutes, we reached Karamjal Eco-Tourism Center of Sundarbans. Descending at Karamjal ghat from our launch we entered the Sundarbans.

Before entering the Sundarbans our guide warned us not to be alone and to be in a group while walking inside the Sundarbans. Because Sundarbans is famous for its Royal Bengal Tiger, there are chances to see the tiger. The experience of seeing a tiger alone in a place like Sundarbans must not be pleasant. Just after entering the Sundarbans, we saw a place where many beautiful deer were roaming around. The visitors can feed the deer directly with tree leaves and other foods. Tourists arriving at the Sundarbans were feeding the deer and patting their heads and bodies. I got a chance to see the forest deer close up and touch their bodies. What an amazing feeling it was!

Karamjal is famous for its breeding center for crocodiles, deer, and turtles. There is a wooden walking trail here in Karamjal for tourists to walk and see the forest on both sides of the trail. This trail is also known as Monkey Trail because monkeys play on this trail. The monkeys do not disturb the tourists. Tourists give food to the monkeys. It takes about forty-five minutes to walk the entire wooden trail. As we walked along the wooden trail we saw deep forest on both sides. A close-up view of such an extraordinary view of nature gave rise to a feeling of thrill to all of us.

There is also a watch tower here. Climbing up the watch tower you will see a part of the beauty of the Sundarbans from above. I climbed up to the top of the tower using stairs. The feeling of seeing the scenic beauty of Sundarbans from above is different.

It was around 11.30 AM when we were coming out of the gate of Karamjal Eco-Tourism Center. We were supposed to visit Harbaria, another tourist spot in the Sundarbans. Harbaria is located 20 km from Mongla and 12 km from Karamjal. Our launch would take about 2 hours to reach Harbaria. Since we were tired because of the bus journey of the previous night, we dropped the plan to go to Harbaria that day. We came back to Mongla town to return to Dhaka.

The enchanting natural beauty of Sundarbans cannot be expressed in writing. To enjoy the scenic beauty of fauna and flora of the Sundarbans you must see in your own eyes. Hopefully, next time we will go together to explore the captivating natural beauty of Sundarbans.

No more today. Stay well.

Your loving friend


House#07, Sector#03193 Arambag
Uttara, DhakaMotijheel, Dhaka

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