Write a letter to your younger brother advising him how to make a good result in the SSC exam

Writing a letter to the younger brother advising him how to make good result in the SSC exam is always a common and important informal letter for SSC and HSC examinations. So, the examinees should read and write the letter multiple times to get good scores in their exams.

Best wishes to the students.

(Letter-1): Letter to brother advising him how to make good results in the SSC exam

Suppose, you are Sakib a university student. Your younger brother Rakib is an SSC examinee this year. Now write a letter to your brother advising him how to make a good result in the exam.


May 26, 2023

Uttara, Dhaka

Dear Rakib,

Lots of good wishes to you. How are you? What about father and mother? Hope everyone is well. I am also good.

Your SSC exam is going to be held next month. Today I will give you some suggestions to make a good result in the SSC exam.

There is no substitute for hard work. So, you have to work hard regularly. You should follow a routine to touch every single subject every day. Put more emphasis on math and English.

Read and practice all the important content of all the subjects. For this, you must solve questions from test papers. You will get questions of all boards of the previous years. Practice the boards questions. In test papers, you will also have the final test questions of famous schools of Bangladesh. Practice the test questions of all the cadet colleges, the top five or ten schools of Dhaka, and some Zilla schools. If you follow this way you will get everything common in your exam.

The personal daily routine is also important to take a good preparation for the exam. Go to bed early at night and get up from bed early in the morning. Don’t eat junk or fast food before and during your exam. Eat healthy and balanced food. Rice, bread, fish, and vegetables could be your balanced food. Drink enough water every day. Good food will help you to remain fit and well physically. Being well physically is also important for the exam.

Keep yourself aloof from TV and mobile for this prime time. This is the first public examination in your life. The SSC examination is important for a student. So, follow my suggestions. Hopefully, it will help you to make a good result in the exam.

No more today. Stay well.

Your elder brother


House#4, Road#02, Sector#0393 Arambagh
Uttara, DhakaMotijheel, Dhaka

(Letter-2): Write a letter to your younger sister telling her how to make a good result in the SSC exam

Suppose you are Rimjhim a student of Rajshahi University. Your younger sister Mim is an SSC examinee of 2024. Now write a letter to your younger sister advising her how to make a good result in the SSC exam.


January 07, 2024

Rajshahi University

Dear Mim,

It’s been a long time since I can’t go home because of my exam. But I have not forgotten that you are an SSC examinee of 2024. You just have two months on your hands. So, you have to devote more time to study.

There is no shortcut to achieve any great things. Similarly, there is no shortcut way to get good results in exams. So, you have to read, write, and practice a lot to obtain a good result in your SSC exam.

You know SSC is the first public exam for a student. Besides, this is the last final exam of the secondary level. So, undoubtedly this is one of the important exams of a student’s life. Hence a good result in the SSC exam is a very important achievement for the entire life of a person.

You are a good student. Your exam results are always good. So, you don’t need to worry much about the SSC exam. Just maintain your routine as usual. Time management is crucial for an examinee. Besides studying, get enough sleep, drink enough water, eat moderate and balanced meals, and talk with family members to be physically and mentally fit. You also can watch your favorite television program. All these activities will help you to be fit and relaxed which is very important to cope with exam stress.

I hope before your exam I will be able to go home. Then I will support you in practicing math and geometry.

No more today. Wish you a good result in the SSC exam.

Your elder sister


Mannujan HallHouse#07, Road#07
Rajshahi UniversityUttara, Dhaka

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