Write a letter to your friend congratulating him on his brilliant result

Writing a letter to your friend congratulating him on his brilliant result is a common writing topic for the students of schools and colleges. So, students of all classes should know how to write a letter of congratulations to a friend on his brilliant result.

A letter of congratulation is a real-life writing activity. We congratulate our friends when they have excellent results in their exams. So, we all should know the way of writing a letter of congratulations not only for the exams but also for the luminous success of our friends in real life.

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(Letter-1): Letter to a friend congratulating him on his brilliant result

Suppose you are Mohon a student of class ten. Your close friend Apon is a good student. Apon stood first in the annual examination. Now write a letter congratulating Apon for his brilliant result.


January 07, 2024

Uttara, Dhaka

Dear Apon,

Lots of good wishes and congratulations. Just now I have received your letter with the good news. I am so delighted to hear about your excellent result.

It’s a great pleasure to me that you have stood first in the final exam this year also as usual. Congratulations on your continuous dazzling results. You deserve this result because you never miss your class. Moreover, you are a hard-working student. So far as I know you study eight hours a day. This result is the remuneration of your hard work.

My parents have become very happy knowing your result. They told me to invite you to our home. You are cordially invited. Please come to our home next weekend. If you come we all will be happy.

Your loving friend


House#4, Sector#521 Station Road
Uttara, DhakaTongi, Gazipur

(Letter-2): Letter of congratulations to a friend on his brilliant result

Suppose, you are Dihan a class eleven student. Sami is one of your best friends. He is an SSC examinee. Yesterday the result of the SSC examination was published. Sami got an A+ in the exam. Now write a letter congratulating Sami on his excellent result.

May 7, 2023

Mirpur, Dhaka

Dear Sami,

Heartiest congratulations on your extraordinary SSC result. From the education board website, I have seen your SSC result just now. I have become extremely happy to see that you have got A+ in all the subjects. Congratulations on your brilliant result.

We all presumed that you would make a good result in the SSC exam. The logic behind our assumption was you have been a topper in all the classes from elementary to high school. So, naturally, we all were sure that you would do very well in the SSC exam as always.

You are worthy of such a result for so many reasons. You are regular in your school and studies. You abide by the suggestions of your parents and teachers. You also maintain discipline in your personal life. Getting up from bed early in the morning is your habit.

Your superb result has made me inspired to study attentively. You know next year I am going to take part in the HSC exam. Your outstanding result has made me more confident to work hard. My mother has become so happy to know your magnificent result. She told me to invite you to have dinner with us. You are cordially invited for dinner at our house next Saturday. Please bring your parents with you.

Please let me know to which college you will get admitted. Congratulations once again for your extraordinary result.

Stay well.

Your loving friend


11 Janata HousingHouse#40/C, Khilgaon
Mirpur-1, DhakaDhaka

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