Write a letter to a friend about your favorite person

Writing a letter to a friend about your favorite person is a common informal letter in the syllabus of schools and colleges. So, students of all classes should put emphasis on practicing this letter. Writing practice will help them write the letter on their answer scripts without making a single grammatical or spelling mistake. The error-free writing topic will help them to get good scores on their exam.

Lots of good wishes to the students.

Letter to a friend about your favorite person

Suppose, you are Sabila studying in a college. Sabiha is one of your best friends. Sabiha wanted to know about your favorite person. Now write a letter to Sabiha about your favorite person.


May 27, 2023

Uttara, Dhaka

Dear Sabiha,

Take my cordial love. Hope you are well. I am also well.

Yesterday I received your letter. You wanted to know about my favorite person. My mother is my favorite person. Generally, mothers are the favorite person of every single son and daughter. That is why my mother is also my favorite person.

Besides, I would like to mention here some particular reasons why my mother is my favorite. My mother has all the qualities to be an ideal woman and mother. She is my guide, teacher, and friend.

My mother is a schoolteacher. She teaches English at her school. So, it’s a great benefit for me because my mother always helps me to prepare my English lessons. Sometimes she prepares questions based on my syllabus to test my progress and understanding of the lesson. I call it a home exam. If I do not do well in the exam, she never rebukes me. Rather she inspires me to study more. Through her unique teaching style, she makes the lessons easier for me.

My mother is a good cook. Whatever she cooks it becomes so delicious. She always emphasizes cooking my favorite dishes. My mother has learned how to make Pizza and Burger because I love Pizza and Burger. Whenever my friends come to our house my mother behaves with them just like her own daughter and you know that.

I am a 12th grader but still, she feeds me by her hand. I know all the mothers in the world take great care of their children. But it seems to me that my mother is the best at taking care of her daughter. My mother is so much caring and loving. Her love for me knows no bounds. She tries to fulfill my requirements with her little income. My happiness is her happiness. For all these reasons my mother is my favorite person.

Please let me know about your favorite person.

No more today. Stay well.

Your loving friend


House#15, Road#15House#07, Road#21, Sector#03
Dhanmondi, DhakaUttara, Dhaka

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