Paragraph Early Rising for SSC and HSC

Early rising is a common paragraph for the students of all classes. So, students should read and write the paragraph frequently. More and more practice will help the students to write the paragraph Early Rising without grammatical and spelling mistakes.

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(Paragraph-1): Early Rising

This is a good habit if we are habituated to getting up from bed during or before sunrise. This lovely habit is known as early rising. It is an excellent habit for people of all ages. Early rising helps us to maintain good health and fitness. Early rising helps us to lead a happy and prosperous life in many ways.

The person who rises early in the morning can take some exercise or a walk in the morning fresh air. The morning air refreshes both our body and mind. So, to be physically and mentally fit we all should get up early in the morning.

The doctors advise us to eat breakfast early in the morning every day to be physically and mentally fit. Having breakfast in the morning also keeps so many diseases aloof from us. The people who do not get up from bed early in the morning cannot have their breakfast on time. So, they fall ill with various diseases. This is why we all should be early risers.

In the morning, the air is full of oxygen and free from dust. There is a calm and beautiful atmosphere everywhere. The natural scenery in the early morning is stunning to look at. In the early morning, we can see beautiful flowers and green leaves. We also can hear the sweet songs of birds in the morning.

All these amazing things make us mentally happy and healthy. An early riser has many benefits. He can start his daily work earlier than others. So, he can finish his work in time without any haste. This helps him to earn more money.

For the students, workers, and service people early rising is a must. Because educational institutes, factories, and offices start functioning early in the morning. If someone does not get up early in the morning, he will be late in his work. He will also miss morning beauty. So, for all professional people early rising is mandatory.

Early rising in the morning from bed is one of the best habits of human beings. So, we all should form the habit of getting up early in the morning.

(Paragraph-2): Early Rising

Early rising is the habit and practice of leaving bed at dawn. If someone is habituated to leave his bed early in the morning to start daily normal activities we call the person an early riser.

An early riser remains one step ahead in every sphere than a late riser. Because the early riser gets enough time to accomplish different tasks. An early riser can have a morning walk and physical exercise before a morning shower. So, he can start his day with a vigorous mind and good stamina.

Early rising helps a person to start his daily work early. A person who starts a task early can finish the job early. Besides, he has enough time on his hands to review the correctness of the task before submitting it to the authorities.

The nature looks very beautiful in the morning. Only the early riser can enjoy this amazing beauty of nature. The quality of air also remains good in the morning. Moreover, early morning is free from sound pollution so an early riser can enjoy the calm and quiet environment with the sweet songs of birds.

Nutritionists suggest to have breakfast early in the morning. They say that morning breakfast is the most important meal of the whole day for the strength of the human body and physical wellness. Having breakfast in the morning is beneficial for sound health and a fresh mind. An early riser can have breakfast early in the morning even after doing exercise and taking a shower. As a result, the early riser can kickstart a superb day with a hot coffee for business, job, or study.

Early rising is very important for a student. Because the morning environment is always favorable to study. Besides, the classes at schools and colleges start in the morning. So, to be present in classes on time rising early from bed is a must for a student. Otherwise, a student will miss his important classes.

Early rising is one of the essential good habits of human beings. For all the professionals early rising is helpful to accomplish the assigned task at the stipulated time.

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