Paragraph My Garden for SSC

Writing a paragraph on my garden is a common and important writing topic for students of all classes. So, students should learn how to write a paragraph on my garden. Through frequent practice, students will be able to write an error-free paragraph on my garden. More and more practice will help the students to get good marks in the exams.

Best wishes to the students.

(Paragraph-1): My Garden

Among all hobbies gardening is a great hobby. My favorite hobby is gardening. I have an attractive garden in front of my house. I grow different types of flowers and vegetables in my garden. My garden is small but very beautiful to look at.

I enjoy working in my garden. In my leisure time, I work in the garden. Every evening I water the plants in my garden. My parents also help me with my gardening. There are roses, sunflowers, kamini, Tuberose, China roses, marigolds, Bely, etc. In my garden. There are also a few vegetable plants in my garden. The vegetables are Brinjal, green chili, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Tomato, Lettuce, etc.

Right now, my garden is one of my favorite places. Whenever my friends and relatives come to visit our home I take them to see my garden. They become pleased to see colorful flowers and beautiful vegetables in my garden. They appreciate my garden very much. The visitors also appreciate my efforts to make such an excellent home garden. As I am a nature lover, I love my garden very much and I dream of making my garden more beautiful and bigger.

My joy knows no bounds when I give my mother the vegetables from my garden to cook. We enjoy eating vegetables from my garden as those are fresh and organic. I love my garden very much.

(Paragraph-2): My Garden

A different kind of feeling, emotion, and love is associated with the words “My Garden”. Everyone loves garden and gardening. But few of them are lucky enough to have a garden of their own. I am one of them. On the rooftop of our building, I have a small but very beautiful.

I am a high school student. I have to remain busy the entire day with my study. Just before the evening, I get some free time to care for my garden. During that period, I go straight over the roof to see and water the plants in my garden. Whenever I stand in front of the flower and vegetable plants in my garden my mind is filled with heavenly joy. The beautiful view of my garden relieves me from the tiredness and stress of the day.

Two years ago, when I was in class eight, I told my parents that I would like to make a garden on our rooftop. My parents happily agreed to my desire to garden. The next weekend we went to a nursery to buy some flowers and vegetable plants. The nursery owner was an experienced and nice person. He suggested using the geo bag for planting plants. We became delighted at his suggestion because the idea was perfect for gardening on a rooftop. My father knew that the geo bag would last longer.

We bought various common and popular flower plants from the nursery. We also bought some vegetable plants that are suitable to cultivate on a rooftop. The nursery owner also provided us with geo bags and fertile soil. We had to pay for the geo bags and soil. The nursery owner delivered all the things to our roof through his expert delivery team. So, we didn’t face any hassle to bring things on our roof.

My father and I planted the plants into the soil of the geo bags. It did not take a long time as everything was ready. Then we started watering the plants regularly. This is the story of the beginning of my garden.

Over time, the small plants have become big enough. Now everyday flowers bloom in my garden. We also get vegetables from the garden. My garden is my love, my leisure companion.

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