Paragraph on My School for SSC

My school is a common and important paragraph for the students of elementary school, middle school, and high school. So, students of all classes should read and write the paragraph on my school repeatedly to get good marks in the exam.

Best wishes to the students.

(Paragraph-1): My School

The name of my school is Dipshikha School. It is situated in Dhanmondi, Dhaka. There are seven hundred students and sixty teachers in our school.

The classrooms of our school are beautiful and well-decorated. Our classrooms are neat and clean. There is a big rectangular whiteboard in every classroom. Our teachers use markers of different colours to attract our attention. Some classrooms are also equipped with multimedia. We can experience audio-visual lessons through multimedia. Our teachers create attractive and effective digital content for various lessons on different subjects. They show that content using multimedia. The students are truly getting benefits from multimedia and digital content.

There is also a big and beautiful library in our school. Besides textbooks, there are also various types of books. Students can read books sitting in the library. To study books in the library, there is a library class in the routine. A teacher and the librarian help students find out books from the library shelves. The students also can borrow books from the library to read at their home by putting their signatures in the library register book.

There are so many clubs in our school for the students to develop their skills through different co-curricular activities. Some important clubs are language club, cooking club, computer club, cultural club, debating club etc.

There is a canteen inside our school campus. The school authority puts emphasis on the hygiene and cleanliness of the canteen. There is a canteen committee where our teachers are the members. They always monitor the food quality and hygiene of the canteen. Students can not go to the canteen during their class time. They only can go to the canteen and eat whatever they wish during their tiffin period.

All the teachers at our school are very much friendly and helpful. They are also highly qualified. Our teachers teach us with great enthusiasm and make the lessons interesting. Moreover, they take great care of us. If we do not understand any lesson they try to make us understand the lesson with their best effort. Our teachers never get angry even though we ask them silly questions. Because a good teacher knows well that in a classroom there are mixed-level students. Some are fast learners and some are slow learners. So, they take special care of the slow learners. I love this quality of the teachers at my school.

There is a big playground in front of our school. Every morning the students and teachers assemble here in this beautiful playground. The assembly starts with the recitation from the Holy Quran. Then oath, showing honour to the national flag and singing the national anthem. Different school programmes are also held in the playground. The most important programme that is held in our school grounds is the annual sports of our school.

The result of our school is always good. For the last couple of years, the SSC result of our school is really excellent. The pass percentage of the SSC examination is 100%. Besides, every single year many students are getting A+ in the SSC exam. Moreover, the former students of our school are getting the opportunity to study at different famous universities at home and abroad by passing competitive admission tests and IELTS. Their performance is indeed inspiring for us.

(Paragraph-2): My or Our School

I study in a rural school in Bangladesh. The name of my school is Charsindur High School for Girls. The school is located at Charsindur Bazaar, Palash, Narsingdi. It is not very far from Dhaka. The distance between our school and Dhaka is 38 kilometers.

Our school follows the national curriculum of Bangladesh. It is a Bengali medium school. Our school is a rural school with a difference. Why different? Let me highlight some notable aspects of my school that make it different from the other ten schools.

Apart from regular classes, our school authority emphasizes participating in the students’ co-curricular and extra-curricular activities regularly. They believe mere textbook knowledge cannot make a student a competent citizen to face the challenges of the real world. Our school believes girls have infinite and immense potential if they get proper education and training.

Participating in language, computer, debating, and sports clubs is a regular mandatory task in our school. In the language club under the guidance of our Bangla and English teachers, we practice both Bangla and English writing and speaking. We write on different topics to develop our writing skills. We also practice speaking to develop our public speaking skills to impress the audience. Speaking beautifully is an art. In a job or business, it is important to convince others using justifiable sweet words. Thus, we learn the etiquette of speaking in public. We believe by developing communication skills we will be able to cope with the present and future world. Debating club also helps us to speak on a particular topic with logic.

Our sports teacher takes the students of a class to the field according to the routine for playing games and physical exercise. This is the activity of the sports club. We get ample opportunity to play handball or volleyball. Sometimes we take part in different simple physical exercises that are suitable for us.

Computer and internet technology is one of the important technologies of the present world. Study, job, business, freelancing everywhere the knowledge and skill of computer and internet are essential. If we want to fit ourselves with the changing trend of employment, we must have the skills of computer and internet. My school is doing the right job by providing us with training to develop computer skills. We hope computer skills will help us not only to get a job but also to be successful entrepreneurs in our future life.

The library of our school is a priceless asset for us. It is a spacious room filled with light and air and rich in books. There is a particular class in the name of library work once a week in our routine. Every single week we start reading a book in our library and take it to our home to finish reading.

Our school has two buildings. One is old and another one is new. Our classes are held in the new building. It is a three-storied building. Our school playground is big enough. Different types of fruit trees and flower plants are there on the four sides of the field. Because of the flower plants and fruit trees the field and the school look very beautiful. The teachers’ room, office room, and science laboratory are in the old building. It is a single-floor building. But our library is in the new building. Students have made a beautiful flower garden on the rooftop of the new school building.

The SSC result of our school is always praiseworthy. It is a great pleasure for us that the former students of our school are now studying at different renowned public and private universities. Some of them are serving in various good positions in private and government institutes. A good number of them have earned names and fame by being successful entrepreneurs. We feel honored to be a student of such a school. So, we have a great passion for the school.

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