Paragraph A Farmer for SSC

A farmer is an important paragraph for the students of schools and colleges. Students should emphasize knowing the lifestyle of a farmer to write an informative paragraph about the farmers. Because the paragraph “A Farmer” is an important writing topic in their syllabus and exam.

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(Paragraph-1): A Farmer

Agricultural workers are known as farmers. The living standard of a farmer in Bangladesh is not so good. Because most of the farmers do not have their land for cultivation. They work on others’ land and they are ill-paid.

Generally, he is illiterate. Though a farmer does not have a formal education in educational institutes he has a good knowledge of farming. This is traditional knowledge and skill of farming. He is the son of nature. So, he understands the language of nature and knows how to get the best benefit from nature through cultivation. However, most of the farmers are not familiar with the modern scientific method of cultivation. The government should introduce agricultural training for farmers to make them familiar with the scientific method of farming. By merging the knowledge of the farmers with the scientific method there will be a revolution in agricultural production.

Recently, a good number of educated people have started farming as their profession. This is a good sign. If the government agricultural department continues all kinds of support to them they will be permanent in this sector. Banks also should provide agricultural loans to the farmers on easy terms. Farmers are the real heroes of a country. Because they feed the entire people of any country in exchange of their sweat and hard labor. So, we all should respect and love a farmer.

A farmer usually does not have enough cash to invest in crop production. As a result, he cannot manage money to buy seeds, fertilizer, or pesticides in time. So it becomes difficult for a farmer to produce more food for his family and the country. To boost our economy there is no substitute to support the farmers. The government should extend support to the farmers for the greater interest of the country. Quality seeds, fertilizer, and an uninterrupted power supply for irrigation should be ensured. Instead of chemical pesticides, the government should inspire farmers to adopt natural prevention systems to save their crops from insects. The government can provide all these at a subsidized rate to boost agricultural production. This will be an effective initiative not only to help the farmers but also the whole nation.

In a country like Bangladesh where agriculture is the foundation of the economy, farmers play the prime role in upholding the economy. The scaffolding role of the farmers keeps the economy stable. Their hard work from dawn to dusk makes sure to feed the people across the country.

He gets up early in the morning, goes to his land, and works hard from dawn to dusk. Because of his hard work, we get food on our plates. If he gets a good harvest he becomes happy. But generally, a farmer does not get the perfect rate for his agricultural products. Because he has to sell his crops when the price is not high. Just after selling his agricultural products the price of those products increases. And this is the main reason why the farmers of our country remain poor.

On the other hand, if the production of crops is not good, his sorrows know no bounds. Though he works hard he cannot lead a decent life. Our government should take steps for the welfare of the farmers to ensure their social security.

(Paragraph-2): A Farmer

Agriculture and farmers are closely related to each other. Farming is a synonym for agriculture. So, those whose livelihood is farming are farmers. Farming and farmers are so common and popular words everywhere in the world.

The main profession of Bangladeshi people is farming so farmers are the soul of our country. The land of Bangladesh is very favorable to farming. If we just put any seeds on the ground plants grow without any care. The excellent fertility of our soil has made Bangladesh an agricultural country. Our climate also plays an important role in agricultural production. However, the main force to produce food for millions of people is our dear farmers.

A farmer is disciplined and diligent in his personal life. Discipline and punctuality are important to take care of crops. A farmer is always punctual in preparing land for cultivation, irrigating, applying fertilizer, etc. A farmer knows well that if he does not do all these things in time, he will fail in producing crops. That’s why a farmer always maintains discipline and punctuality.

A farmer is never late in waking up and reaching his field. He reaches his crop field early in the morning and sometimes before the sun rises. Different types of work he has to do in taking care of his crops. From morning till dusk, he works in the field with an interval at noon for having lunch. Sometimes he goes home to eat his midday meal and sometimes his wife or children bring food in the field for him. The wife of a farmer is also a farmer because she works hard to process the crops when the farmer brings the crops home.

Generally, the farmers of Bangladesh do not have formal education. Some of them have very little formal education. But their knowledge and skill in farming are matchless and outstanding. Because of their unprecedented farming skill, Bangladesh can produce a huge amount of rice, wheat, jute, onion, garlic, mustard, etc. Nowadays educated people are also coming to this profession.

The contribution of a farmer to the country is priceless. Their hard work and sweat keep our economy going. But they do not get enough support from the government. Our government should set out special action to develop the standard of living of the farmers. Because a happy farmer can give something good to his society.

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