Paragraph A Rickshaw Puller

A rickshaw puller is an important paragraph for the students of all classes. The rickshaw is a common non-mechanized vehicle in Bangladesh. So, students are familiar with rickshaws and rickshaw pullers. To write a paragraph about a rickshaw puller the students should be familiar with the lifestyle of a rickshaw puller. By reading the following two paragraphs students will get an idea about a rickshaw puller. As a result, they will be able to write an informative paragraph about a rickshaw puller.

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(Paragraph-1): A Rickshaw Puller

Generally, the person who pulls a rickshaw is called a rickshaw puller. A rickshaw puller is a familiar figure in our country. He is seen with his beautiful rickshaw in cities, towns, and villages. A rickshaw puller lives in a slum and his house is worn out. He wears a shabby dress. Through much hardship, a rickshaw puller somehow supports his family. He does not have his rickshaw. As a rickshaw puller does not have his rickshaw, he hires a rickshaw from someone for a half-day or a full day. A rickshaw puller earns money with much hardship and by the drops of his sweat.

The rickshaw puller drives a rickshaw from dawn to midnight. He is always seen in the street whether the weather is fair or foul. In summer, he gets burnt in the sun. In the rainy season, he gets drenched in the rainwater. Even in the biting cold of the winter season, he remains in the street to give us his valuable service. A rickshaw puller is our all-weather friend. Though he works hard he leads a miserable life. Whenever he becomes sick the members of his family have to starve. Our government should introduce a social security system to support working people like rickshaw pullers in their bad times.

(Paragraph-2): A Rickshaw Puller

Rickshaw is a popular vehicle in Bangladesh. This is popular among both the city and village people. Rickshaw has a close connection to the life of Bangladeshi people. As a result, it has become a part of our life. Rickshaws and rickshaw pullers both are part of our everyday life.

The rickshaw puller gets up from bed very early in the morning and goes out with his favorite rickshaw. Some rickshaw pullers have their rickshaw. Those who do not have their rickshaw, hire rickshaws from the rickshaw owners daily.

Driving a rickshaw is a hard and tiresome job. A rickshaw puller earns every single taka in exchange for sweat. Generally, middle-class people use rickshaws to reach their destinations. However, people of all classes love rickshaw journeys. Most people use rickshaws for short-distance journeys. For office and school goers rickshaw is so useful.

The rickshaw is eco-friendly. Because it does not pollute the air. Some rickshaws use engines. Engine-operated rickshaws also do not pollute the air because the energy source of those rickshaws is the battery.

In cities, the house rent is so high. So, renting a good house with the small income of a rickshaw puller is difficult. So, a rickshaw puller lives in a slum. The tuition fees of schools and colleges are also high. As a result, rickshaw pullers cannot send their children to educational institutions. Because of the vicious circle of poverty, their children cannot receive proper education and remain poor.

In recent years, the prices of essential commodities have skyrocketed. With the small income of a rickshaw puller, it is difficult to buy the necessary food for his family. As a result, the family members of a rickshaw puller do not get enough nutrition from the food they eat. Medical treatment is also expensive. So, when a rickshaw puller or members of his family become sick it becomes difficult for him to provide proper treatment.

A rickshaw puller cannot lead a decent life. As he is a day laborer, he faces problems if he is sick. He has to work every day whether it is a sunny or rainy day. If he cannot work, he cannot buy food. So, there should be social security for the rickshaw pullers. Because they are part of our society.

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