Story Failure is the Pillar of Success for HSC

The story Failure is the Pillar of Success has been written based on a famous historical incident. It is a story of inspiration for everyone. In real life sometimes we may fail in doing our job. But without being upset and giving up the work we should try again and again to accomplish our task.

The story Failure is the Pillar of Success is a common and important writing topic for the examinees of SSC and HSC. So, students should read and write the story Failure is the pillar of success frequently.

Best wishes to the students.

Failure is the Pillar of Success

Failure is the pillar of success

Long ago there was a king in Scotland. He was an honest and kind-hearted king. The people of his kingdom loved him a lot. The king also loved his people very much. So, he left no stone unturned for the betterment of the people of his country………………

The name of the king was Robert Bruce. The people of his country were very happy under the rule of Robert Bruce. His only thinking was doing good things for the people of the country. All the people loved and respected him very much. Because he never did anything that went against the interest of his country and the general people. Every single person was passing their days with great happiness.

But good days do not last long. As weal and woe come by turns. So, the good days of Robert Bruce and his people did not last long. One day the enemies invaded Scotland to occupy it. The king, the soldiers of the country, and also the general people fought against the enemies to protect their country. A fierce battle took place between both sides. The king, the soldiers, and the people of Scotland showed their utmost bravery on the battlefield. But the number of enemy soldiers was much higher than the Scotland. As a result, a large number of soldiers and people of Scotland died on the battlefield. To minimize the loss of valuable lives of his soldiers and people the king decided to retreat. It was a strategic retreat. Despite their best effort, they could not win the battle.

Leaving the battlefield, they took safe shelter in the cave of a mountain. Lying on the ground of the cave the king was thinking about how to regain the kingdom again. He talked to the commander of his military. They decided to fight against the enemy. So, after a couple of days, they attacked the enemy of their country. But they failed to regain their state. As a result, they again took shelter in the cave.

In this way, they fought six consecutive battles against the enemy army. And each time they lost the battles. But they could kill a huge number of enemy soldiers. The king and his soldiers almost lost their hope of regaining their kingdom.

The enemy soldiers were oppressing and killing the people of Scotland. The enemies also were looting the valuables of the general people. Hearing all these the king became very sorry and angry. He was thinking about what to do to save the lives and property of the people of his country.

One day King Robert Bruce was lying on the ground of the cave. All of a sudden, he saw a spider trying to reach the top of the cave. The spider tried again and again to reach the top but it failed in its attempt. But the spider did not stop trying to reach the top of the cave. And at last, in its seventh attempt, the spider could reach the top.

Seeing this incident, the king became inspired. He instantly called a meeting of his commanders. Robert Bruce ordered them to manage more soldiers and arms. The king told them they would fight again against the enemy. He also told his commanders that they should not give up their attempt to free their country from the illegal occupation of the enemy.

The king and the commanders tried their best to manage more soldiers and arms. They took good preparation against their enemy. One morning Robert Bruce and his soldiers swooped on the enemy soldiers. A fierce and bloody war took place between the two sides. After a couple of hours of heavy fighting, the enemy soldiers had to flee the battlefield. Because of heavy casualties, the enemy soldiers dispersed and fled. Robert Bruce and his army broke the courage, morale, and chain of command of the enemy by killing a huge number of enemy soldiers and commanders.

Thus, without losing hope of repeated failure and defeat on the battlefield Robert Bruce could regain his kingdom. So, from the story, we could learn that we should not give up and lose hope in any situation.

The moral of the story: Failure is the pillar of success.

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