Paragraph on Facebook for HSC and SSC

The paragraph on Facebook is an important writing topic for the SSC and HSC examinations. So, the SSC and HSC examinees should know how to write a paragraph on Facebook.

The students should emphasize the positive and negative impacts of Facebook while writing the paragraph on Facebook.

Best wishes to the students.

Paragraph on Facebook

Facebook is a popular social media platform. It has 3 billion monthly active users. People address Facebook as a social media giant based on the huge number of active users.

To use Facebook, we have to create a personal account. Account creation on Facebook is super simple. We just need an email address to create a Facebook account.

After creating the account, we can send friend requests to our friends and family members. We also can send messages through Messenger. Messenger is an excellent feature of Facebook through which we can communicate by maintaining privacy. Besides one-to-one communication, we also can create a messenger group for group interaction. Messenger allows a user to make audio and video calls.

Facebook users can upload photos and videos on their timeline. People can like, comment, and share our posts. We can restrict our profile. By locking our profile, we can disallow outsiders to visit our profile. Even we can make a post “only me” so that people in our friend list cannot see the post.

Moreover, for the safety of the account, a Facebook user can apply a two-step verification system. It ensures an extra layer of security for the account. As a result, a hacker cannot hack the account easily.

In our personal and social life, Facebook has a great impact.

The positive impacts of Facebook

By creating a Facebook business page a person can easily start a business without spending a lot of money. Millions of people use Facebook, so the business page owner has a good scope of reaching out to the right audience to sell his service or products. The entrepreneur can easily exhibit his products to attract buyers.

Established business organizations can keep a close relationship with their customers through Facebook. It helps them to get instant feedback and take action accordingly.

People of the same interests can connect themselves by creating a Facebook group. They can share information and seek help from the group members. Suppose, someone needs blood on an emergency basis. A post on the group can solve the issue. Group members may come forward to donate blood.

A doctor can open a Facebook page to showcase his service to the people. With the help of this Facebook page, patients will find the doctor and the doctor will find patients.

The skilled people who provide us with different types of services, for instance, an electrician can create a Facebook page. It will help both the service givers and takers to find and communicate with each other easily.

An educational institute can disseminate various information to the stakeholders through its Facebook page. Students can be connected with their batch mates or university with the help of Facebook.

A wide range of Facebook pages of different categories are available. People can see the unseen and know the unknown from the text, audio, or video content of those pages. Song lovers can hear songs from a page of songs, food lovers can get food reviews from a page of food bloggers, students can learn their lessons from an educational page, news lovers can get the latest news from a page of a newspaper, comedy lovers can watch funny videos from a fun-based page.

The negative impacts of Facebook

Facebook also has some negative impacts. Some people remain tremendously active for a long time every single day in using Facebook. This over-activism on Facebook hampers their normal activity of daily lives.

Privacy is a big issue for Facebook users. People can easily see their photos and personal information. By locking a profile, a Facebook user can solve this issue. A locked profile does not allow unknown people to visit the profile. Only friends can see the profile. So, selecting friends on Facebook is important to maintain privacy.

Moreover, some miscreants use Facebook to commit different types of cybercrime. Cyberbullying is one of those crimes. Women are the main victims of cyberbullying.

Some people spread false information with a bad intention which creates anarchy in the society. Facebook itself does not create any content. We the users create content. So, it is the responsibility of the users to ensure a good environment on Facebook by creating good content. However, Facebook takes action against the account holders who violate community guidelines.

Using Facebook is tempting. So, people feel a strong attraction to check the notifications on Facebook after a short interval. Thus, it becomes a habit. This habit is never a good practice. This propensity distracts Facebook users from their respective work.

Excessive use of Facebook disrupts our study, sleep, eyesight, normal life, etc. So, we should be conscious and careful in using Facebook.

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