Paragraph A Day Labourer for SSC

The paragraph on a day labourer or the life of a day labourer is a common writing topic in the syllabus of schools and colleges. So, students should read and practice writing the paragraph A Day Labourer or The Life of a Day Labourer repeatedly to get good marks in the exam. More and more practice will help them to write the paragraph without making grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Lots of good wishes to the students.

(Paragraph-1): A Day Labourer

A person who earns bread and butter by giving physical labour is called a day labourer. He earns every single money at the cost of every single sweat.

He may be a soil digger, home servant, sweeper, factory worker, blacksmith, rickshaw puller, push-cart driver, mason, carpenter farmer, fisherman, driver, helper, etc. For society, as well as for the country the service of the day labourer is very important.

Though a day labourer works very hard from dawn to dusk, he is not properly paid. He also has no fixed income. The statement, “No work, No pay” perfectly matches a day labourer. If he cannot work a day for his illness or any other reason, he doesn’t get any payment.

Whenever he doesn’t get any work, he has to starve along with his family. A day labourer produces crops, and products, or gives service to society. But whenever he is in a problem, society doesn’t stand beside him. Though he builds beautiful buildings, he lives in slums.

Behind every beautiful and useful infrastructure, there is sweat and labour of the day labourers. He carries heavy loads to give us comfort. He works in mines to give us gold, diamonds, and coals.

The life of a day labourer is full of uncertainty in Bangladesh. So, we all should be sympathetic to the day labourers and our government should provide social security for them.

(Paragraph-2): A Day Labourer

Generally, a person who serves people by giving physical labour is called a day labourer. He works from dawn to dusk to earn his livelihood. He earns a small amount of money by working hard the whole day. Different types of work are available for a day labourer.

He pulls a rickshaw or cuts soil or trees or he is a helper in a bus or truck or he carries a heavy load for someone else. The job of a day labourer is extremely tiresome. As his earnings are small he lives from hand to mouth.

If he does not get any work he cannot buy food to feed his family members. If he becomes sick he cannot go to work and cannot manage food for his children and wife. He has to go out to work whether the weather is good or bad.

A day labourer lives in a shabby hut in a slum. He wears a torn and dirty shirt and lungi. Whenever he gets work for some consecutive days he earns more and buys good food and good dress for himself and his family members.

It is difficult for him to send his kids to a school to receive education. Because a school-going child needs tuition fees, school dress, school bag, books and so on. All these are expensive enough for a day labourer. Without education, his children can’t get a good job and ultimately they also become day labourers. In economics, this is called the vicious circle of poverty.

Without having good and nutritious food day by day the family members of a day labourer become weak and sick. He cannot even give them proper treatment for want of money. The day labourer himself and his family members lead a miserable life. As a result, they live below the poverty level.

Nobody in society helps them to uplift their life status up to the poverty level. Moreover, in our country, there is no social security for all citizens. So, all the working people do not get any support from the state even.

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