Short lesson plan for English teachers:

A short lesson plan is important for English Teachers to make their classes effective and interesting. The following lesson plan is just a sample. You can make your lesson plan based on this lesson plan. As a teacher, you know well how to make your lesson easy and understandable to the students.

Lots of good wishes to the teachers.

About the lesson plan:

A lesson plan is a plan or design for teaching a particular lesson. Generally, a lesson plan is a written document. Sometimes for an experienced teacher lesson plan could be imaginative. To make the lesson effective, fruitful, and easier for the students a teacher plans and designs his or her lesson according to modern pedagogy.

To make the lesson interesting a teacher should follow some techniques. The teacher also should be friendly so that students feel easy to ask questions related to the lesson. Moreover, the teacher also should put the students in pairs and groups to involve every single student in different activities. Students feel easy whenever they work with their friends and learn. The teacher will ensure the forming of the group by including mixed-level students in every single group. During the pair or group work the teacher will monitor and help the students.

Learning outcome:

Every single lesson has its own learning outcome. The teacher puts emphasis on learning outcomes while designing the lesson plan.

There are four skills and two types of knowledge in the English language. The skills are listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The knowledges are grammar and vocabulary. Our English for today is designed in such a way so that students can acquire the four basic skills of the English language and knowledge of vocabulary and grammar.

Skills are talents and expertise. We obtain skills through education, training, and experience. We can differentiate skills as soft skills and hard or technical skills. Communication skills are known as soft skills. On the contrary, computer programming is a hard or technical skill.

The teacher should ensure the creation of a happy and interesting learning environment where students can speak without any hesitation. In a language class, the teacher should speak less and allow the students to speak more. This will help the students to develop their speaking skills.

(Sample lesson plan-1): Short lesson plan for English teachers

Reading is an important skill among the 4 skills. To test the reading skills of the students one or more reading passages are given in the questions paper. Based on the reading text various types of test types are set.

Students have to answer the test types based on their reading of the given passage. The test types are MCQ, True or False, Information transfer, Gap filling, etc.

Reading skill is important not only for SSC or HSC exams but also for IELTS. So, teachers should motivate students to develop their reading skills.

                             English First Paper (Reading)

Class: Nine                                                                              Time: 45 minutes

Teacher: Badrul Alam

Vocabulary: Steady- stable, fixed. Sapling- a young tree. Boring- dull, monotonous. Hut- cottage, a simple single-storey house. Pleasure- happiness, joy, amusement. Perhaps- maybe, possibly. Maid- a female domestic servant.
AGreetings. Warm-up activity. Setting the scene/introduction to the topic. The teacher will tell students to make a pair among themselves and talk about the picture.Whole class. Pair work.15 minutes
BThe teacher will tell the students to write the answers to the following pre-reading questions. Why didn’t Sayeed Kamal like his job? Who cooks food for him? The teacher will tell the students to read the text silently to answer the questions at the end of the text.Individual work10 minutes
CStudents will ask and answer the questions in pairs.Pair work5 minutes
DStudents will fill up the table according to the instructions of the book.Individual work5 minutes
EWrite a paragraph on Sayeed kamal and give a headline.Individual work5 minutes
FHW- “I must say I’m a very happy man!”— Do you agree with Sayeed? Write why/why not? FeedbackWhole class5 minutes

(Sample lesson plan-2): Short lesson plan for English teachers

Among the four skills of the English language, writing is an important part of the syllabus and questions of school and college.

Paragraph, email, formal and informal letters, graph and chart description, completing story, dialogue writing, composition, etc. all are included in the writing part.

By developing writing skills students can get good scores in the exams. To do well in the IELTS good writing skill is a must. Even in real life writing skills help us in many ways.

We are teachers so it is our responsibility to help our students to develop their writing skills. We can be innovative to make our students understand the writing topic and make it simple so that they can write the topic in their own language by using easy English.

Writing skill development

Class: Nine                                                       Time: 45 minutes

Teacher: Farjana

Lesson: Write a paragraph on “A Book Fair You Have Visited.”

Learning outcome: Paragraph writing will help to develop students writing skills. At the end of the lesson, students will be able to write a paragraph on A Book Fair.

AGreetings.Warm-up activity.Whole class10 minutes
BIntroduction to the topicWhole class5 minutes
CThe teacher will draw a circle diagram on the whiteboard. The teacher will elicit different points from the students related to the book fair. The teacher will write the phrases on the circle diagram.Whole class10 minutes
DNow teacher will let the students write the paragraph.Individual work10 minutes
EFeedbackWhole class and Individual10 minutes

Circle diagram of A Book Fair.

This circle diagram is just an example. There are so many ways to be innovative to make the lesson easy and interesting. If an English teacher draws a diagram like this one to teach any writing topic it will be very effective for the students to develop writing skills. Writing will become easier and more interesting for them. They will never memorize any writing topic. Rather they will put emphasis on developing their writing skill.

All the best.

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