Write a dialogue between two friends about traffic jam

Dialogue between two friends about traffic jam is an important dialogue for the students. Students should know how to write a dialogue between two friends about traffic jam as it is a common topic in real life and also in the exams.

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(Dialogue-1): Between you and your friend about traffic jam

Suppose you are a student of class eleven of a college. Faisal is your best friend. Both of you read in the same class in a college. Now write a dialogue between you and your friend Faisal about the traffic jam,


Myself: Good morning, Faisal.

Faisal: Good morning.

Myself: How are you?

Faisal: I’m fine. What about you?

Myself: I’m also good. I’m looking for you.

Faisal: Why? Do you have any special subjects to discuss?

Myself: Yes, I’d like to discuss with you about traffic jam.

Faisal: You know, whenever a large number of vehicles remain stuck on the street it is called traffic jam.

Myself: Why does it occur?

Faisal: The number of roads is not enough in our country and most of the roads are not spacious enough.

Myself: Is this the only reason for a traffic jam?

Faisal: There are some more reasons.

Myself: Would you please tell me in detail?

Faisal: Most of the drivers and pedestrians don’t follow traffic rules. Most of the vehicles are not fit. Drivers are not trained.

Myself: Would you please tell me some more reasons for the traffic jam?

Faisal: Mechanized and non-mechanized vehicles ply in the same street, and it causes traffic jams.

Myself: What could be the solution to the traffic jam?

Faisal: The solution to traffic jams in Bangladesh, especially in Dhaka, is not easy. But our government is trying heart and soul to ease the problem. Metrorail, flyover, and expressway are some measures, the government has taken to lessen the traffic jam.

Myself: Thank you for your great information.

Faisal: Thank you too.

(Dialogue-2): Write a dialogue between two friends about traffic jams in Dhaka city

Suppose, Tisha and Orin are close friends. They study in a college in Dhaka city. Now write a dialogue between Tisha and Orin about the issue of traffic jams in Dhaka city.

Tisha: Hello Orin. You are late. I have been waiting for you for a long time.

Orin: Sorry Tisha. Because of the huge traffic in the street, I couldn’t reach in time.

Tisha: We all know the problem. So, we should hit the road earlier to reach our destination in time.

Orin: I have set off earlier but the traffic jam is unimaginable. As a result, I am late. Sorry, dear.

Tisha: It’s ok. I know the worst situation of traffic jams. You are tired. Let’s sit somewhere and have coffee.

Orin: Sure.

Tisha: Let’s talk about the problem of traffic jams in Dhaka city. What is your opinion about this problem?

Orin: In this city, population density is very high. And this large number of people need to move from one place to another place for various purposes. To reach their destination they use vehicles. And the ultimate result is the traffic jam.

Tisha: Right you are. Anything else?

Orin: For this huge number of people the number of roads is not enough. Besides, most of the roads are not spacious enough to move traffic. Would you please add any remarks in this regard?

Tisha: You know, a well-planned city should have 25% roads of its total surface area. But Dhaka city has only 7.5% roads of its total area. Moreover, mismanagement of the traffic system is another reason for traffic jams, I think.

Orin: You are right. How can we get rid of this crucial problem?

Tisha: It’s not an easy task to remove traffic jams overnight. Nevertheless, we should not lose hope. Our government has taken so many mega projects such as metro rail, expressway, flyover, etc. to alleviate the trouble of traffic jams.

Orin: So, let’s wait to see whether there is light at the end of the tunnel or not. I am optimistic.

Tisha: Yes. We should be optimistic. I have to go now. See you soon again. Bye for today.

Orin: OK friend. Bye.

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