Dialogue between two friends about load shedding

Writing a dialogue between two friends about load shedding is important for internal exams of educational institutions and also for public exams. So, students should know how to write a dialogue between two friends about load shedding.

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(Dialogue-1): Between two friends about load shedding

Suppose you are a student of class nine. Shamim is your best friend. You and Shamim are students of the same class and the same school. Now write a dialogue between you and your friend Shamim about load shedding.


Myself: Good morning, Shamim.

Shamim: Good morning.

Myself: How are you?

Shamim: I’m fine. What about you?

Myself: I’m also good. I’m looking for you.

Shamim: Why? Have any special reason?

Myself: Yes, I’d like to discuss with you about load-shedding

Shamim: You know, load shedding is the discontinuation of the supply of electricity.

Myself: Why does it occur?

Shamim: Whenever the generation of power is less than the demand, load shedding occurs.

Myself: What are the problems that we face because of load shedding?

Shamim: You know, modern life fully depends on electricity. Because of load shedding, normal life comes to a standstill.

Myself: How can we solve this problem?

Shamim: By generating more power and by being conscious of using electricity we can solve the problem and thus we can get rid of load shedding.

Myself: Thank you for your great solution.

Shamim: Thank you too.

(Dialogue-2): Between two friends about load shedding

Suppose, you are Trisha. Orin is your close friend. Both of you are students and worried about load shedding. Now write a dialogue between you and your friend Orin about load shedding.

Tisha: Hello Orin. It’s been a long we met.

Orin: Sorry Tisha. It’s my fault. I was not in Dhaka for the last couple of days. That’s why you haven’t seen me. But I missed you always.

Tisha: My pleasure. I also missed you. My dear, may I know where have you been?

Orin: I went to our village home with my parents. I had an indescribable experience there.

Tisha: Really? What was that?

Orin: Load shedding. Frequent and long-time load shedding.

Tisha: This problem is also common in Dhaka city. But not always.

Orin: But the situation of load shedding is worse in the village.

Tisha: How many times does load shedding occur in the village?

Orin: Four to five times or even more.

Tisha: Really? What is the time duration of load shedding for each time in your village?

Orin: Minimum one hour. Sometimes more than one hour.

Tisha: Load shedding has been a common problem in our country. But now the situation is worse. Do you know the reason?

Orin: Because of different reasons the price of fuel oil and coal has risen in the international market. You know to generate electricity fuel oil, gas, and coal are the main ingredients. And also the price of the dollar in the international market has reached its peak. To buy fuel we need dollars. But our national reserve is also not in good condition. So, our government cannot buy enough fuel to generate more electricity. We also have a gas shortage.

Tisha: And we are experiencing frequent load shedding.

Orin: Right. Is there any solution to this problem?

Tisha: I think from our side we can be thrifty and conscious in using electricity and the government should find a way out immediately to solve this problem.

Orin: I do agree with you.

Tisha: Thank you, friend. Let’s go to our class.

Orin: My pleasure. Let’s go.

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