May Day Paragraph for SSC and HSC

May Day is a common and important paragraph for the students of schools and colleges. For the examinees of SSC and HSC, the paragraph is always important. So, students should practice writing the paragraph repeatedly to do well in their exams.

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(Paragraph-1): May Day

May Day is a historical day for working people. The first day of May is May Day. The day is International Workers Day and also an international holiday.

May Day commemorates the historic struggle of workers in Chicago, USA. On March 03, 1886, police fired into a crowd of workers in Chicago. At least two workers died and many others were injured.

At that time, factory workers had to work at least 14 to 16 hours daily. In 1886 different organizations of workers called for a movement in the USA. All the workers joined the movement against the oppression of the owners of the industries. Their main demand was an 8-hour working day. A hike in wages was also a demand of the workers. They started participating in different meetings and processions spontaneously to meet their demand.

May Day is a symbol of freedom for workers all over the world. On this day, workers worldwide vow to fight against all sorts of oppression. As a result, the movement of the day inspires the workers to be united to realize their demands.

Because of the success of the movement of 1886, working people now are getting a minimum wage, job security, safety laws, and an eight-hour working day. This great day reminds the workers across the world to stand up against oppression and injustice.

And that is why working people are now enjoying better working conditions, better pay, and better lives.

(Paragraph-2): May Day or International Workers’ Day

In the ancient period, there was the custom of slavery. Rich and aristocratic people of the society had slaves to do their work. The slaves had no human rights. The master of the slaves compelled them to do all sorts of work whether it was possible for them or not. As a result, sometimes the slaves used to die from overwork.

16th US President Abraham Lincoln banned the slavery system on January 01, 1963. The era of industrialization began in the USA in the 18th century. The industries required a good number of workers to produce various industrial products.

The owners of the industries compelled the workers to work more than sixteen hours. It was simply inhuman. There were no facilities for the workers. The industrial workers were going through the modern slavery system. The medieval slavery system returned in a new form.

To protest the work environment, lower wages, and excessive working hours, the workers across the USA staged a demonstration on May 01, 1886. They raised their voice against injustice and demanded an eight-hour workday.

At the beginning, the demonstration was peaceful. No violent incident took place on May 1 and May 2. But on May 3 and May 4, the movement turned violent. As a result, some policemen and some workers died.

Since then, First May has been held as International Workers Day worldwide. May 01 is also known as May Day. The day is a public holiday. The workers in different countries bring out colorful processions to celebrate the day. Different socio-cultural organizations also arrange seminars to mark the Great Workers Day.

The USA and Canada, observe the day on the first Monday of September as Labour Day.

After the historic incident of May 1886, the rightful demands of the workers started getting fulfilled gradually. May Day has been playing a great role in earning the honor and rights of workers worldwide.

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