Paragraph on Road Accident

Road accident is a common paragraph for the SSC and HSC examinations. This paragraph is also important for the internal exams of schools and colleges.

The language of the paragraph is easy and simple for the students to read and understand. By going through the paragraph once or twice students will be able to write this paragraph in their answer script.

After reading the paragraph the students will be familiar with the following terms:

  • The reason behind road accidents.
  • Drivers’ role behind road accidents.
  • Role of the dilapidated roads for road accidents.
  • Role of the unfit vehicles.
  • Unskilled drivers.
  • Narrow road.
  • Solution of the road accident.

(Paragraph-1): Road Accident

Road accident is a common incident in Bangladesh. Every year we lose thousands of lives because of street accidents. Street accidents occur on the roads and highways of different districts.

There are many reasons behind street accidents. The main reasons are reckless driving, unfit vehicles, narrow roads, the unwillingness to maintain traffic rules, etc. Most of the drivers of our country are not educated and trained. This is another important reason for the street accidents.

The overtaking tendency is also a cause of street accidents. Most of the general people of our country are not willing to follow the traffic rules. They cross roads without using zebra crossing or foot over bridges. This is also a reason for the street accidents.

To lessen or stop street accidents government should launch an all-out effort. There should be a zebra crossing or foot-over bridge wherever necessary. Drivers should be properly trained. There should be a minimum education level for the drivers to issue driving licenses.

The government should ensure the fitness of the vehicles. The government also should widen the roads. There should be a road divider where accidents take place. Law enforcement agencies should impose traffic rules strictly.

The government should make the people aware so that they maintain traffic rules. There should be strict laws to punish the reckless drivers responsible for street accidents. 

(Paragraph-2): Road Accident

Road accidents have increased in Bangladesh in recent years with the increase of vehicles. If we open the pages of newspapers or switch on the television and watch the news, we see the news of shocking accidents almost every day. Every single day road accidents take place and many people are losing their lives. A large number of people are also becoming injured seriously because of road accidents.

Law enforcement agencies are taking so many steps to prevent road accidents but their initiatives are being failed. The drivers drive a long time on the highway. As a result, they feel drowsy and fall asleep whenever they are in their driving seat. So, the vehicle becomes uncontrolled and an accident takes place. The overtaking competition is another reason for road accidents. The drivers compete with one another on highways to go faster to their destination and accidents take place.

Generally, on the highways, there are no road dividers and this is also another big reason for road accidents. The drivers do not maintain their lane and as a result, sometimes the vehicles collide head-on with another vehicle from the opposite direction. Most of our roads are not spacious enough. This is also a reason for a road accident. Some of the roads are not in good condition.

There are so many holes in the roads. Whenever drivers drive their bus, truck, or car on such types of streets they may lose control of their vehicle. So, the accident is probable on the rough road. The speed limit is important to check road accidents. Most of the highway drivers do not maintain the speed limit. They drive exceeding the speed limit and causing accidents.

Some vehicles are not fit enough to run on the street. These unfit vehicles are also responsible for road accidents. Some drivers are not well-trained and do not have driving licenses. These drivers are also making the road journey dangerous for the passengers.

To ensure a safe road journey all concerned should come forward. The drivers, vehicle owners, members of law enforcement agencies, and the government should work together to stop road accidents. An all-out effort of all the concerned can stop road accidents.

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