Composition Importance of Reading Newspaper

Newspaper is an important element of modern society. This is why the composition on the importance of reading newspaper is important for the students of schools and colleges. The role of the newspaper in our everyday life is immense.

The composition on the importance of reading newspapers is a common writing topic in the syllabus and exams of schools and colleges. So, students should emphasize reading and writing the composition to get good scores in their exams.

Best wishes to the students.

(Composition-1): Importance of Reading Newspaper

Newspaper brings news to us from home and abroad. The newspaper is the storehouse of information and knowledge. Without newspapers, we cannot pass a single day.

The newspaper was first published in China. The first Bangla newspaper was Samachar Darpan published in 1888 in Kolkata.

There are many types of newspapers. They are dailies, weeklies, monthlies, quarterlies, etc. News and information on daily affairs are the contents of the daily paper. The newspaper also publishes stories, poems, articles, etc.

Newspaper is useful to people of all classes. We cannot think of our present world without the newspaper. The newspaper has brought the world closer to us.

The newspaper contains all sorts of news and information. So, we can enrich our knowledge by reading a newspaper. We instantly know what is happening in the world from newspapers.

There is a section on public opinion in every newspaper. People write letters about public issues to the editor to publish in the newspaper. Thus, newspaper helps people to raise their voices about different problems in society and country.

The newspaper also plays an important role in making people aware of social problems. For instance, during pandemics like Covid 19, the newspaper gives people information about dos and don’ts.

The newspaper contributes to increasing patriotism among the people. Newspapers also make people conscious of different issues of national interest. People also get information on various national and international issues through the newspaper.

Passengers can easily get railway timing, bus timing, launch timing, and airplane timing through newspapers. Job seekers get job advertisements for both government and non-government jobs through newspapers. We are also informed about new laws and projects of government by reading newspapers.

Newspaper is the cheapest and easiest means of mass education. So, it has great educative value. To get more information about different subjects students read newspapers. By reading newspapers, students gather knowledge of current affairs, technology, sports, etc. Moreover, by reading newspapers students can develop their language skills.

It is also a great medium of recreation. By reading newspapers we get information about sports, media, lifestyle, fashion, etc. At the time of the journey, a newspaper can be our best friend to accompany.

From newspapers, we get the news and information on technology, trade and commerce, prices of essential commodities in the market, home affairs, foreign affairs, etc. There are also separate pages for children and women, economy, military technology, etc.

In conclusion, we can say that the newspaper is an important part of our daily life. Reading newspapers is important to remain updated on the news and information of the world.

(Composition-2): Importance of Reading Newspaper

In this modern world, the person with the most information and data is considered a powerful man. This purpose is served effectively through newspapers. Newspapers are such a tool that equips us with the latest information which is happening around the world. Newspapers inform us about politics, economics, business, sports, lifestyle, current affairs, war, and the culture of the entire world.

The newspaper has played a significant role since its first publication in China. It has educated people and transformed them into enlightened human beings. As it has a wide range of information for every class of people, everyone can enhance their knowledge in their respective field by reading newspapers. So, people of every class and profession can broaden their knowledge and ideas about the world and outer space.

The newspaper is the encyclopedia of knowledge and information. It has immense educational value. The concept of a modern knowledge-based civil society would not be possible without newspapers.

As per publication time interval, there are various kinds of newspapers such as dailies, weeklies, monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc. Based on the need and taste people read the newspaper of their choice. However, most individuals read the daily newspaper as it gives instant news of the world’s current circumstances.

Every person should have a habit of reading newspapers regularly irrespective of age or profession. Students of schools, colleges, and universities should not pass a single day without reading the newspaper. Regular newspaper reading helps the students kill two birds with a stone. It enhances the general knowledge of the students and develops their language skills. By reading the newspapers we can know the unknown and see the unseen.

We all know that this is the age of globalization. People of a particular area are no longer confined to the ideas or limitations of a certain area. We are no longer squeezed into backdated and superstitious concepts only because of newspapers.

In most jobs, an employee has to have ideas and knowledge about every detail of his own company and also the competitors. Newspapers can easily help to reach the goal by providing plenty of information.

No matter how much we say, it is not enough to explain the importance of newspapers. Today’s reader is tomorrow’s leader. Educationists say that countries that have more readers will dominate the world soon in technology and economics. So, we all should form the habit of reading the newspaper just like the must-do habit of eating or sleeping.

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