Write a letter to a friend about your native village

Writing a letter to a friend about your native village is a common informal letter for students of all classes. So, students should read and write the letter, again and again, to be good at writing. Practice will help them to write an error-free letter.

Best wishes to the students.

(Letter-1): Letter to a friend about your native village

Suppose, you are Jamshed a student of class twelve. You live at Uttara. Your close friend Bipul lives at Dhanmondi. He wanted to know about your native village. Now write a letter to your friend Bipul giving a short description of your native village.


May 28, 2023

Uttara, Dhaka

Dear Bipul,

Lots of good wishes for you. How are your days going? Hope everything is good. I am also ok.

Yesterday I received your letter. You wanted to know about my native village. Though I live in Dhaka I have a close connection with my native village. Whenever I get a chance, I go to my village. My village is in Palash, Narsingdi. It is not very far from Dhaka city. Just an hour’s drive. So, it is easier for me to visit my village off and on.

The name of our village is Sultanpur. It is an ideal village. Sultanpur is a typical Bangladeshi village. Like many other villages of Bangladesh, it has a primary school, high school, village market, mosque, and temple. There is also a post office in our village. But nowadays because of mobile phones and the Internet people do not write letters to their near and dear ones. Even people do not send money through money orders. Mobile banking has replaced the money order of the post office. So, the postmaster, postman, and runner sit idle in the post office.

The Bazar(market) of our village is big enough. You will get almost everything for household chores. You will get fish, meat, groceries, vegetables, etc. here in Sultanpur Bazar. Our area is famous for agriculture, especially vegetables. The farmers of our village produce huge quantities of good quality vegetables. The vegetable businessmen from Dhaka come to our village to buy vegetables.

The river Shitalakhya is flowing by the side of our village. Villagers catch fish from this river. The river looks so beautiful. Whenever I go to my village I bathe in the river. I also have a wonderful time on the riverboat.

I have so many friends in my village. They are involved in different professions. Some of them live in the village and some of them live in Dhaka or abroad. My relatives also live in the village. So, it is a great pleasure for me to visit my village.

You are cordially invited to visit our village. No more today.

Your loving friend


House#4, Road#02, Sector#03House#07, Road#27
Uttara, DhakaDhanmondi, Dhaka

(Letter-2): Write a letter to your friend about your native village

Suppose, you are Munna. Abir is your close friend. Abir wants to know about your native village. Now write a letter to your friend Abir about your native village.


January 15, 2024

Mirpur, Dhaka

Dear Abir,

Take my cordial love. I hope you and every one of your family are good. I am pretty good.

I have got your letter this morning. You are willing to know about my native village.

The name of our village is Bijoypur. It is a village in Chandpur district. I live in Dhaka with my parents. But I go to my native village on different occasions with my parents. The occasions are Eid, summer vacation, winter vacation, etc.

From Dhaka, we can go to our village by road and by riverways. I prefer the riverway to go to my village. It’s a four-hour launch journey from Dhaka to Chandpur. On my way to the village, I enjoy the launch journey.

Our village is about 15 kilometers away to the south of Chandpur town. Bijoypur is a beautiful village. It’s a typical Bangladeshi village. The mighty river Meghna flows by the west side of our village.

Like other villages of Bangladesh farming is the main profession of the people of our village. Some people catch Hilsha fish in the Meghna River. You know the Hilsha fish of Chandpur is extremely tasty and world-famous. Moreover, there are many big ponds and canals in our village from where the villagers get a good number of fish. So, they can eat enough fish. They also can sell fish to earn money.

The green fields and green trees of my native village attract me very much. The people of our village are excellent in their behavior and attitude.

You are cordially invited to visit our village next summer or winter vacation. Stay well.

Your loving friend


44 Love RoadHouse#07, Road#07
Mirpur-2, DhakaUttara, Dhaka

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