Write a letter to your friend expressing condolence

Writing a letter to a friend expressing condolence at his or her father’s or mother’s death is an important informal letter for the students of schools and colleges. So, students should know how to write a letter of condolence.

Some sample condolence letters are given here.

All the best.

(Letter-1): Letter to a friend expressing condolence at her father’s death

Suppose, you are Marjan. Orin is your close friend. Yesterday Orin’s father died. Now write a letter to Orin expressing your condolence.

September 24, 2020

Uttara, Dhaka

Dear Orin,

I am extremely shocked to know that your father is no more in the world. I am so sorry for your irreparable loss.

I have lost my words to condole you. Words will never express how sorry I am to hear about the death of your father. You and your family are always in my prayers at this difficult time. Please accept my condolences and let me know if you need any sort of help in this difficult time. 

I am praying to the almighty to give you the courage and strength to endure this heavy loss. Since death is common to all we have to be calm and patient. 

Very soon I am going to meet your family members.

With deep sympathy


House#07, Road#09, Sector#05House#08, Road#06
Uttara, DhakaMirpur-2, Dhaka

(Letter-2): Letter to a friend expressing condolence at his mother’s death

Suppose, you are Shamim. Tamim is your best friend. Tamim’s mother died the day before yesterday. Now write a letter to Tamim expressing condolence at his mother’s death.

December 03, 2023

Uttara, Dhaka

Dear Tamim,

Yesterday I heard the sad news of your mother’s death in your letter. The news came to me as a thunderbolt. I couldn’t move and speak for a few minutes knowing the sorrowful news.

How can I believe and accept the news? I can still remember the smiling and loving face of your mother. You know how dear I was to Aunty. Whenever I went to your home, your mother always took great care of me. Aunty used to prepare my favourite dishes.

I know the death of a mother is a great and irreparable loss for a son. Your mother was your heart. I don’t know how to condole you in this grieving situation. Because words are never enough to condole a son who lost his mother forever. Praying to the Almighty for her departed soul.

You have younger siblings so you should be strong mentally to take care of your younger brother and sister. Tomorrow, I and my mother will come to your home.

Stay well and take care of yourself and your youngers.

Your saddened friend


House#4, Road#02, Sector#07House#07, Road#27
Uttara, DhakaDhanmondi, Dhaka

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